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How Leaders or Managers Practice Leadership Skills in the Organization - Research Paper Example

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The paper "How Leaders or Managers Practice Leadership Skills in the Organization" discusses that a leader should have a sound ethical behavior. Since a large number of subordinates has observed him so this makes it more responsible to follow a proper code of conduct in terms of ethical behavior…
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How Leaders or Managers Practice Leadership Skills in the Organization
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Extract of sample "How Leaders or Managers Practice Leadership Skills in the Organization"

Download file to see previous pages High task leadership tends to be more focused on getting the work done. Such leaders are highly motivated and goal oriented. Usually, these kinds of leaders have a high level of performances and low level of grievances as these leaders are more committed to achieving goals. Moreover, high task leaders are strong when it comes to technical skills and are good nurturers and planners. Another important trait that such leaders possess is the work allocation as proper defining and scheduling of work is done for workers to maximize productivity and later for doing the assessment for workers.
Similarly, high people leadership style focuses on building trust between manager and workers. This kind of leadership usually has strong personality traits and are committed to making a bridge between manager and worker by creating or ensuring trust, delegating responsibilities to the workers, motivating employees by listening and fulfilling their needs.
Philip Mayers, director of Make a Wish organization Australia, was asked to fill the assessment form for behavioral leadership. He scored 8 (in terms of odd numbers) which proved that he possessed high task leadership. Moreover, in terms of even number, Philip Mayers score was 7, which meant he had high people leadership style as well.
It has been found that Mayers ensured that his employees were engaged with work full-time and were not doing any other activity during working hours. Similarly, he does not waste time in knowing about employees during working hours and believes in setting goals and agenda during department meetings. He believes in punctuality and has a clear policy of briefing employees what needs to be done. However, in case of conflicts in the organization, he personally gets involved and tries to come up with the solution to carry out work in a peaceful manner. Also, he periodically tries to motivate his staff so that they can achieve goals easily.
In terms of working habits, Mayers is reluctant in giving permission regarding problems that occur during work and the solutions to those problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Leaders or Managers Practice Leadership Skills in the Organization Research Paper.
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