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What Does the Theory of Planned Behaviour Tell about Using a Cell Phone while Driving - Lab Report Example

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The study “What Does the Theory of Planned Behaviour Tell about Using a Cell Phone while Driving?” proved that most respondents were unanimous in the opinion that using a mobile phone to send text messages is dangerous. While some of those who broke the rule earlier were ready to break it again. 
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What Does the Theory of Planned Behaviour Tell about Using a Cell Phone while Driving
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Download file to see previous pages The use of a phone while driving is a behavior that can be learned through attitudes, influence. As Ajzen; Beck and Ajzen, human behavior towards certain phenomenon and norms (the use of phones) is guided by the existing believes about the expected results of the actual user, believes on the expectations of others on the use as well as the motivations to abide by such expectations and believes that there exist certain factors that may make it possible or which may affect the behavior.
According to Ajzen (1991); Beck and Ajzen (1991), believes about certain behaviors produce different attitudes toward the planned behavior while beliefs which are normative give rise to perceived social pressure. Further, controlled believes result in perceived behavioral control. Generally, a more favorable attitude and greater perceived control lead to a higher probability of a person’s intention to execute the behavior in question (Ajzen 1991). In this regard as Ajzen (1991) puts it, given more freedom for actual control over any behavior, a person is expected to perform his/her intentions once an opportunity arises making intention the immediate behavior.
Attitude towards certain behavior is the ability with which the perceived performance of the behavior is valued (Ajzen 1991). Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) is the most explicit theory of planned behaviour that can be used to explain personal habits on the use of mobile phone while driving as it utilizes the reasoning abilities and actions based on a thorough understanding of people’s intentions and wishes (Ajzen, 1991; Beck and Ajzen 1991; Dejoy and Wilson 1995; Heatherton et al. 1991). According to Ajzen (1991), the TPB has been considered in many instances as the best theory to explain human behavior in cases where the individual has not any control or is not allowed to make any choices but in which the researcher can make inferences about his/her skills and opportunities as in the case of using phone while driving where the driver can get a text which requires instant reply.  However, according to the expectancy-value model, a person’s attitude toward certain behavior is determined solely by a number of behavioral beliefs which link the perceived behavior to the different outcomes/attributes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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