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Text messaging while driving persuasive - Speech or Presentation Example

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Text Messaging While Driving Author’s Instructor Date Despite the dangers associated with driving while texting, the amount of time and resources used to educate people about this and the fact that it is illegal, there are now more accidents associated with driving while texting being reported…
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Text messaging while driving persuasive speech
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Download file to see previous pages Use of mobile phones while driving is a big form of distraction for drivers and the risk of accidents is more heightened if the driver is using a mobile phone. Texting while driving requires the driver to change his focus from the road to the mobile device he is holding in his hand, it also needs the driver to use his hands to read or send a message. A study conducted showed that most drivers spent up to four hundred percent time not concentrating on the road while texting as compared to when they are not (Hosking, Young & Regan, 2006). It has also been proven that not only does the youth text more while driving, but it also males who are more susceptible to this behavior than females, despite the fact that women are generally known to send more texts as compared to men, texting while driving has now replaced drunk driving on the top slot of motor vehicle accidents. One can certainly say that texting while driving is the cause of many deaths, it takes a minor miscalculation to cause or be a part of a fatal motor vehicle accident. Texting while driving distracts which leads to lack of concentration when one is behind the driving wheel. Being distracted while on the road means can involve one taking their eyes off the road, taking their hands of the steering wheel or taking their mind from what they are doing. Texting while driving involves all three and that is why it is now the biggest killer on the roads. 3,331 people died in 2011 because of a distracted driving while another 384,000 were sustained injuries. In the United States of America, thirty one percent of drivers between the ages of eighteen to sixty four admitted to texting while driving. The amount of time that one is distracted from the road while texting is the cause of concern, this is due to the fact that, texting takes more attention and more time is needed to accomplish it. The amount of distraction time is directly related to the chances of incidents increase and fatal the accident can be. According to the laws of the United States of America and other countries as well, texting while driving has been banned, therefore making it illegal to be caught engaging in the said activity. Any driver caught in the act of texting while driving is punished under the law enacted in the country (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2013). The death toll is rising every year due to this issue and it has therefore necessitated steeper measures to be taken against anyone involved. Texting while driving is an even bigger issue if the people concerned view it as socially acceptable. If a driver tends to think that is acceptable among his peers and social circle to text while driving, he will be more inclined to do it than resist the urge. The social influence is very strong while pertaining to this issue, if a person believes that the people he relates with often would text while driving, he is then more likely to do it as well. The youth are strongly influenced socially and this might be the reason behind the rise in cases of teenage death while texting and driving (Walsh & White, 2007). A teenager looks for approval especially from his or her peers, the fact that the youth seem to have accepted this behavior as right, more of them will participate in it without a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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