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Persuasive Interview (Guide and schedule) - Speech or Presentation Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date Any person who has completed their undergraduate degree is anxiously looking for a job opportunity so as to develop their career and also earn a living. This is not different for my young learned friend who has just completed his education and is now in dire need of getting a job so as to start his new life as a career person…
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Persuasive Interview (Guide and schedule)
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, looking at the limited chances of getting full sponsorship in most US universities, I would advise my friend to purchase the car, then after some time in the job he can enroll for a self- sponsored or partially sponsored degree. When it comes to his car of choice, Honda is a good choice and specifically the Honda legend. There a number of other cars in the same class as the Honda legend but in so many ways than one, the latter still remains to be the best in the race of stardom. These are of the reasons why I would like my friend to buy the Honda Legend, and also a good comparison with it immediate rival; the Fiat Punto. 6 reasons why you should buy a Honda Legend and not a Fiat Punto Its engine performance and transmission More cylinders- 6 vs 4- has 2 more cylinders than the Fiat Punto and the more the number of cylinders the less vibration its engine has and also runs more smoothly. Honda Legend has more engine power than the Fiat Punto- it produces 295 bhp while Fiat Punto produces 133 bhp. This means that the Honda has 55% or 162bhp more power than the Fiat Punto. This also makes it to have a higher top speed. ...
Fuel consumption Honda Legend has lower fuel consumption than Fiat Punto. Honda legend consumes 23.69 mpg while the Fiat Punto consumes 47.2 mpg. This is 99% or 23.51 mpg more than Honda Legend. Weight and capacity The Honda Legend has a minimum boot capacity which is greater than that of Fiat Punto. Honda has a capacity of 452 liters while Fiat’s capacity is 275 liters; this is 39 % or 177 liters more than the capacity of Fiat Punto. Honda Legend has more fuel tank capacity than Fiat Punto. Honda has 73 liters while Fiat is 45 liters; this brings out a difference of 28 liters or 38 %. Having this in mind, it is clear that a Honda legend beats a Fiat Punto by far and therefore makes the former a much better choice to settle. Interview schedule Persuasive interview It is my pleasure to have this moment to take you through some facts concerning your choice of car. However, it is my understanding that you are quiet a busy person and therefore will now take much of your time as I take you through this interview. I understand you desire to purchase a Honda car? What drives you to choosing this particular type of vehicle? I would like to take you through a brief overview of the Honda legend specifications so that you can have an idea of what you are buying and also see if it suits your needs and financial capacity. I hope that is okay with you our esteemed customer? (The sales person outlines the specifications of the car) From the specifications that have been read to you, what is your take about Honda legend? Does it meet your expectations? In my opinion and great experience with vehicles, I would highly recommend you to take the car. This car will meet all your needs, save on fuel cost since it is not a fuel guzzler and also offer you the comfort and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Persuasive Interview (Guide and Schedule) Speech or Presentation.
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