Leadership styles and their impact on the effective development of faculty members at the College(sechool) of Education at Ha'il - Dissertation Example

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Table of Contents Introduction 5 Background of the Study 5 Research Questions 6 Aims of the Research 7 Significance of the Study 7 Assumptions of the Study 8 Definition of Terms 9 Structure of the Dissertation 10 Chapter 1 Literature Review 13 1.0. Introduction 13 1.1…
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Leadership styles and their impact on the effective development of faculty members at the College(sechool) of Education at Hail
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Extract of sample "Leadership styles and their impact on the effective development of faculty members at the College(sechool) of Education at Ha'il"

Download file to see previous pages The Impact 29 1.3. A Brief Look at Ha’il University and College XYZ 31 1.4. Some Gaps 33 Summary 34 Chapter 2 Methodology of Research 35 2.0. Introduction 35 2.1. Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology 36 2.2. Collection of Data 39 2.2.1. Qualitative Survey 39 2.2.2. Interview 40 2.2.3. Sampling Size 43 2.3. Validity and Reliability 44 2.4. Data analysis 47 2.5. Ethical considerations 48 Chapter 3 Results 49 3.0. Introduction 49 3.1. Questionnaire Results 50 3.3. The Interview 59 Summary 61 Chapter 4 Discussion 62 4.0. Introduction 63 4.1. The Research Questions and Departments XYZ of College XYZ at Ha’il University 63 4.2. Leadership Styles in the Academe: A Fertile Ground 65 4.3. Development of Faculty Members: More than Just Encouragement 67 4.4. The Relationship: Leadership Styles and Development of Faculty Members 69 4.5. The Impact and Effect of Leadership Styles to Faculty Development 73 4.4.1. Departments XYZ of College XYZ at Ha’il University 74 Summary 75 Chapter 5 Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations 77 5.1. Summary 78 5.2. Conclusion 79 5.3. Recommendations 81 References 84 Appendices 101 List of Figures, Tables, and Charts Figure 1 p. 5 Figure 2 p.9 Figure 3 p. 11 Figure 4 p. 15 Table 1 p. 16 Chart 1 p. 36 Chart 2 p. 37 Chart 3 p. 38 Chart 4 p. 38 Chart 5 p. 39 Chart 6 p. 40 Chart 7 p. 40 Chart 8 p. 41 Chart 9 p. 42 Abstract Education is one of the most value–laden institutions in modern society but like other organisations, it faces the challenge of keeping its identity and embracing the ethos of corporatism. In this regard, as universities and colleges embrace the current duality of its nature, understanding leadership styles in the Academe vis-a-vis development of faculty members has become pivotal as higher educational institutions meet the demands of the 21st century. As such, this study will look into how leadership styles impact and influences the development of faculty members. This study is significant as there are limited studies pertinent to leadership styles and faculty development in developing countries. As such, this research will help in augmenting the literature tackling the said issue. This research will be addressing the primary question “What is the effect and impact of leadership in the development of faculty members?” In order to clarify further this issue, the following sub-questions will also be answered by the study. These are (1) What leadership styles are deemed most effective for faculty members? (2) What is the relationship, if any, between leadership styles and development of faculty members? (3) What kinds of leadership styles are used by three department heads at the College of XYZ at Ha'il University? In order to address the questions, a qualitative case study had been adopted. Some of the results of the study are: (1) Combination of leadership styles is used by leaders in the Academe in general and in Departments of X, Y, and Z in particular. (2) Leadership styles provide the arena or environment where creativity may flourish or scholarly pursuit may stagnate. (3) Leadership styles serve as a ‘push and pull factor’ in the development of faculty members. Finally, it has been observed that leadership styles are the necessary condition for authentic faculty development. Introduction Background of the Study Education provides the path in which the freedom from mental slavery is attained. To this end, higher education is one of the institutions recognize to be most-value laden in modern society (Scott 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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