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An Analysis of Introducing Computer-Assisted Learning of English during the Preparatory Year in College - Literature review Example

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This review prepares a case for introducing computer-assisted learning of the English language during the preparatory year which is meant to be a bridge between secondary and tertiary education, aimed at equipping students to follow their subsequent degree programs…
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An Analysis of Introducing Computer-Assisted Learning of English during the Preparatory Year in College
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Extract of sample "An Analysis of Introducing Computer-Assisted Learning of English during the Preparatory Year in College"

Download file to see previous pages A study was conducted among fifty adults EFL Saudi learners at Najran University, Saudi Arabia, by Mahdi (2012) to investigate the impact of informal use of computer-mediated communication (CMC) on English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learner’s interaction. Informal use of CMC implies unplanned and unevaluated activities that can occur outside the classroom. The findings of the study suggest that the students had a positive attitude towards the use of CM to improve their English language. However, teacher interference and a busy schedule can impact the informal use of CMC. The findings of this study are relevant for this paper because teachers or the faculty would be the prime drivers of this change at UOH. Similarly, Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCSDP), in the process of implementing a totally computer-based information system to facilitate administration, delivery of curricula and clinical teaching, conducted a survey of the students to investigate into their knowledge and skills relevant to ICT (Rahman, 2012). The aim was to measure the level of acceptance and the degree of training that would be required to equip them to accept the challenge in the computer-mediated education system. The study found that students of this college demonstrated favorable attitude towards ICT and their level of use was at par with students from other countries. The fact that the university needed to conduct a study shows that there were doubts about students’ capabilities in using CALL. The study also revealed that there is scope for improvement and that the universities should make greater use of ICT in imparting education. At UOH also the preparatory year is not mandatory for students of medicine and engineering which indicates that students that opt for specialized courses do have a positive attitude towards the adoption of ICT. Implementing the change or introducing CMC is for the students that intend to pursue degree courses other than medicine and engineering.
Al-Jabri (2000) conducted a study among secondary school students in Saudi Arabia and found that both male and female students had a positive attitude towards CMC and ICT. The author suggests that schools and universities should capitalize on this trend and design a comprehensive computer education package. Asiri et al (2012) emphasize the need for e-learning in Saudi Arabia as the Saudi Arabian universities have a rising student population.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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