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Barriers Impeding Technology Integration in Education - Dissertation Example

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Abstract Technology in education is the way for education in the 21st century. Scholars, teachers and all the stakeholders of the issue of technology in education agree to the significance of the connection between the two. However, despite the unanimity in attitude and belief that integration of technology in classroom pedagogy is essential in learning, fact remains that technological integration in classroom pedagogy is not overwhelming…
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Barriers Impeding Technology Integration in Education
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Extract of sample "Barriers Impeding Technology Integration in Education"

Download file to see previous pages The research question that directed the whole research is What are the barriers hindering teachers in adopting technological integration in their classroom pedagogy? From this issue, several sub-questions have been posed to clarify the various concepts embedded in the research. These questions are 1. What is technological integration? What are the stages of technological integration? 2. What are the effects of technological integration to students learning process? 3. What are some of the current best practices used for the integration of technology in classroom pedagogy? 4. How does the issue of funding affect the integration of technology in classroom pedagogy? To answer these questions, both primary data and secondary data have been generated and collected. For the collection of primary data, a qualitative research using in-depth interview of nine participants and group discussion/sharing with four participants have been conducted. The collected data collected data have been examined, coded, evaluated, assessed and analyzed several times to find themes, patterns and relationships in each case and across other cases. Moreover, to ensure the validity, reliability and integrity of all the data the following strategies have been used. These are the ethical consideration in securing the consent of the participants have been rigorously observed. Triangulation, member checking, thick rich description, and management of the researcher’s personal bias have been adopted. For the collection of secondary data, which includes scholarly journals, notes from the interviews and reflection, a library research had been performed. Meanwhile, for the notes and reflection, a journal had been maintained in the course of the research. The themes that have emerged in the study are teaching ethos, benefits of technology in education, approaches to integration of technology in classroom pedagogy, concept of barrier clarified, and identified existing barriers to integration of technology in classroom pedagogy. Some of the findings of the research includes: a table and list of identified existing barriers, the categorization of existing barriers, the study offers conceptual clarifications of ideas embedded in the issue and finally it proffers the supposition that there is no one penultimate reason for the problem, but that the issue is a result of the combination of various factors. Section 4 Findings In response to the challenges and demands of the contemporary period to education, the research has looked into one of the most challenging and invigorating demands of the time – the integration of technology in classroom pedagogy. Challenging, because, the necessity for the integration of technology in classroom pedagogy is a response to the current human condition. Likewise, it is a reflection of the initiative to improve the educational institution towards academic excellence and a drive towards enabling children in becoming responsible global citizens. In this regard, integration of technology in classroom pedagogy is invigorating for it requires innovation, creativeness and a new approach in classroom pedagogy. In the face of these challenges and changes in education and technology, both scholars and the teachers agree that technology in edu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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