Consumer Attitude towards Mobile Commerce use in E-shopping: A UK Consumer Perspective - Dissertation Example

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Consumer Attitude towards Mobile Commerce use in E-shopping: A UK Consumer Perspective ABSTRACT Communications and information technology has led to the development of newer shopping methods. E-commerce has brought businesses closer to their customers. One of the areas of e-com that is expanding rapidly is mobile commerce…
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Consumer Attitude towards Mobile Commerce use in E-shopping: A UK Consumer Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages This is despite the fact that smart phone ownership in UK is very high. Mobile commerce has not experienced substantial growth as expected. With the aim to examine the relationship between different mobile commerce related factors and consumer attitude towards the use of mobile commerce in e-shopping in the UK, four objectives were set. These include identification of the current mobile commerce use in e-shopping in UK, gathering information about why people use or do not use mobile commerce in e-shopping, identifying factors that can have impact on behaviour of the consumers towards use of mobile commerce in E-shopping, and to identify relationship between mobile commerce related factors on consumer attitude towards its use in E-shopping. This was a qualitative study based purely on secondary data; no primary data was deemed necessary. After extensive literature review in Chapter II, the research methodology was explained in Chapter II and the justification for the chosen method provided. All the four objectives set in Chapter I have been achieved. The study concludes that UK consumers like to carry web-enabled mobile handsets because it gives them a feeling of power and independence but they use it only for hedonic purpose. Various extrinsic and intrinsic factors hinder the growth of mobile commerce in UK. The extrinsic factors include the security concerns that give rise to lack of trust, the small size of the screen that does not provide the perceived ease of use, the low quality of broadband which impacts the speed, and the lack of mobile enabled website by retailers. The intrinsic factors that inhibit the proliferation of mobile commerce include lack of personal innovativeness towards adoption of technology. The UK consumers being of individualistic culture do not want to conform to any standards. The study concludes that certain structural drawbacks in the system act as deterrent to the growth of m-commerce in UK. Recommendations for further areas of study have been provided after listing the limitations to the study. Table of Contents Figures & Tables iv Chapter I Introduction 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Rationale for research 2 1.3 Research aims and objectives 4 1.4 Organization of the study 4 1.5 Significance of the study 6 Chapter II Literature review 2.1 Introduction 7 2.2 Definition – mobile commerce 7 2.3 Advantages of using mobile shopping 8 2.4 Consumer adoption of innovation 10 2.4.1 Theory of Reasoned Action 11 2.4.2 Innovation diffusion theory - S-shaped curve 12 2.4.3 Technology Acceptance model (TAM) 13 2.4.4 Uses and gratification theory 14 2.4.5 Theory of Planned Behaviour 15 2.5 Consumer attitude towards mobile commerce 16 2.6 M-commerce factors and consumer attitude 20 2.7 Summary of literature review 23 Chapter III Methodology 3.1 Methodology 25 3.2 Purpose of the research and phenomenon 25 3.3 Epistemology 25 3.4 Research design 28 3.5 Research Strategy – justification for the chosen method 29 3.6 Data Analysis 30 3.7 Ethical concerns 31 3.8 Validity and reliability 32 Chapter IV Findings 4.1 Introduction 33 4.2 Current mobile commerce use in e-shopping in UK 33 4.3 Barriers to m-commerce 41 Chapter V Discussions 5.1 Current mobile commerce use in e-shopping in UK 44 5.2 Reasons for usage or resistance to m-commerce 45 5.3 Factors that influence consumer behaviour 48 5.4 M-commerce factors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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