A study of consumer behavior/attitude towards the popularity of fashion retail applications : UK - Dissertation Example

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Contents 1. INTRODUCTION: 3 1.1 Overview: 3 1.2 Background of the Research Study: 4 1.3 Rationale of the Research Study: 5 1.4 Importance of the Research Study: 5 1.5 Aim and Objectives of the Research Study: 5 1.6 Research Questions: 6 1.8 Summary: 6 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW: 7 2.1 Introduction: 7 2.2 New Marketplaces and Definition of E-Commerce: 7 2.3 E-Commerce Market: 8 2.4 Benefits of E-Commerce: 9 2.5 Definition of M-Commerce: 9 2.6 M-Commerce Market: 9 2.7 M-Commerce Marketplace versus E-Commerce Marketplace: 10 2.8 ‘APP’: 10 2.9 Fashion: 11 2.10 FADs: 12 2.11 Definition of Consumer Behaviour: 13 2.12 Consumers of the Internet Age: 14 2.13 Summary: 15 3…
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A study of consumer behavior/attitude towards the popularity of fashion retail applications : UK
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Download file to see previous pages FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS: 22 4.1 Introduction: 22 4.2 Secondary Analysis: 22 4.3 Primary Analysis: 23 4.4 Summary of the findings: 48 5. CONCLUSION: 49 List of References 52 Appendix 56 1. INTRODUCTION: 1.1 Overview: Since the emergence of internet technology, businesses are witnessing changes that are totally new to them. In this new paradigm, businesses are competing with competitors who are using internet to reach out to their customers. This new way of reaching out to customers is more customer-oriented and beneficial from the aspect of cost, for both customers and businesses. This new development has affected traditional businesses in a very negative way. They are finding it hard to compete with these contemporary business models. As a result of this competitive pressure, these traditional businesses following a pure brick model have switched to a brick and click business model. But even than they are finding it hard to gain a sustainable business advantage that will enable these traditional companies to compete with pure click businesses of the same industry (Rickman and Cosenza, 2007). However, both these business models (pure click model and brick and click model) have been adjusted to take advantages of the internet technology. These businesses operating over the internet have come up with different ways to facilitate their online customers and enhance their online shopping experience. One such approach has been the development of application software or apps, which are enabling online customers to get close to their desired products in a hassle free manner. Moreover, these apps have allowed customers to find latest items that are conforming to the prevailing trends in the environment. Apps are easy to use and user friendly, they allow customers to access information in a hassle free manner from anywhere they like. Businesses are realising the potentials of web based applications and the role they can play in enhancing employee productivity, enhancing efficiency and raising the bar of revenue. These apps have the potential to unify communication across business functions and between different business stakeholders. More and more companies are moving towards integration of apps on their website. The reason behind this action is that companies are realising the potential of apps in enhancing customer experience while they are shopping from their corporate website. Companies have also found out that apps play a vital role in creating the preference for online shopping. And the kind of facilitations provided by apps to online customers has fundamentally been the reason behind the suffering of traditional retail outlets (Rickman and Cosenza, 2007). 1.2 Background of the Research Study: Since companies have finally realised the importance of apps in creating the preference for online purchasing, therefore, it is important for the companies to know the factors that make apps so effective in influencing the preference for online shopping. Apps have in them certain features that make them likable by their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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