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Relationship of Consumer Attitude and Brand - Case Study Example

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The case study "Relationship of Consumer Attitude and Brand" describes consumer behavior as a relatively complex phenomenon involving different and interacting factors that define the overall outcomes for the consumers. Organizations, as well as groups, use to select and dispose of the products…
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Relationship of Consumer Attitude and Brand
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Extract of sample "Relationship of Consumer Attitude and Brand"

Download file to see previous pages A proper understanding of consumer behaviors and what factors can actually have an impact on the same to help organizations generate more sales and retain more customers. It is also critical to note that consumer behavior is considered as the blend of factors belonging to psychology, economics, sociology as well as other factors. These entire factors combine together to determine how they are going to have an influence over their buying decisions. (Chaudhuri, 2012)
Emotions are one such behavior or characteristics of the factors which contributed extensively towards determining the overall consumption behavior of the consumers. Organizations need to understand the emotional value of their consumers and how much the same can contribute towards the decision making the process of the consumers.
This paper will discuss and explore the role of emotions in making buying decisions and how companies can actually improve their understanding of the emotions to persuade consumers to make a buying decision.
Consumer behavior is basically the study of why and how people consume products and services. However, this behavior is also influenced mostly by the three important influences including particular characteristics of the individuals, the environment as well as the genetics of the consumers. The individual characteristics of the consumers, however, include a range of other factors that influence the overall individual characteristics. This includes perception, needs, attitudes as well as the personality of the individuals. The environment of the individual includes the society, culture, sub-cultures, family, friends and peers, etc which can influence the overall buying decisions of the individuals. Apart from this, the genetics of the individuals are largely exclusive and individual to the persons and determine the choices which are not particularly influenced by other factors. (Hansen & Christensen, 2007) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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