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Cognitive Science: Propositional Attitudes - Research Proposal Example

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This research "Cognitive Science: Propositional Attitudes" will describe how the use of the propositional verbs can influence people behavior. The writer will investigate the overall propositional attitude and its expressions in light of human psychology…
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Cognitive Science: Propositional Attitudes
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Download file to see previous pages Stueber (2006) argues that when philosophical terms are taken into account proposition needs to have considered in detail. The content, the logic or the meaning of the rationale declarative sentence can be regarded as a proposition. In any case, the expectation is that propositions carry with themselves the truth and logic of the sentence and they are expected to be either true or false.
Some philosophers do not agree to the meaning of proposition in the context of the true meaning saying that if the meaning to the sentence is accepted, the nature of the meaning can be found to be controversial. Therefore, the controversy that arises here is that either the proposition is being dealt with under the context of the words or meanings that the worlds hold.
Wittenbrink and Schwarz (2007) have consistently argued the fact that when a proposition is discussed in relation to mind and psychological terms that are referred to as propositional attitudes. Attitudes such as belief, desire, fear, hope and wish are the attitudes that are dealt with under the folk psychology. The mental states through which a person goes through are generally dealt with under the propositional attitudes. These kinds of mental states are always referring to something and that is the proposition. Thereby, these kinds of mental states are known as intentional mental states. Soames (2002) argues that there has been a debate since many years between philosophers related to the relationship of a proposition and propositional attitudes. The debates have been focused on facts that either the propositional attitudes are external or internal entities or they are mind-dependent or mind-independent entities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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