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The Use of Gibbs Model in Studying the Factors of Tonys Episodes of Mental Ill Health - Essay Example

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The paper describes Gibbs’ model that was introduced in 1998. It provided a method of getting psychiatric patients to reflect on their previous illness events and getting them to analyse and plan methods to overcome their illness through their own efforts…
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The Use of Gibbs Model in Studying the Factors of Tonys Episodes of Mental Ill Health
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Extract of sample "The Use of Gibbs Model in Studying the Factors of Tonys Episodes of Mental Ill Health"

Download file to see previous pages Self-harm is deliberate harm to the body without suicidal intent and involves acts like cutting and harming (Andover, 2005, p.581). The self-harm could be of lesser intensity like scratching, picking the skin and disturbing would healing. 4% of the general adult population give a history of self-mutilation. However many people do not reveal that they have these habits which shows that only the tip of the iceberg may be evident. Anxiety symptoms accompany the habit and this may date back to incidents in childhood (p. 582). Symptoms of depression also have accompanied the self-harm. Borderline personality disorder has been associated with self-harm. Studies have compared people with self-harm habits to distressed individuals who did not have this habit. It was indicated that the first group had anxiety and depressive symptoms. Literature speaks of episodes of deliberate self-harm in 25% of patients in the year prior to suicidal attempts (Parkar, 2006, p. 223). Half the people who indulge in deliberate self-harm ultimately kill themselves. Priority issues motivating self-harm need to be identified. Sadness, helplessness, the feeling of not being worthy, disturbances of sleep and feeling of guilt all have been associated with self-harm. Situational stressors like school failure, feeling cheated, having no children and similar events are closely related to self-directed anger and self-harm. Perceived causes have been grouped under social (89.3%), psychological (84.7%). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of Gibbs Model in Studying the Factors of Tonys Episodes of Essay.
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