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Triarchic Theory of Intelligence - Term Paper Example

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This paper “Triarchic Theory of Intelligence” will describe and discuss the theories that have been formed by renowned psychologists Das and Taglieri and also Sternberg and Howard Gardner. It will tend to describe in a creative and practical way the model of intelligence in a different situation…
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Triarchic Theory of Intelligence
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Extract of sample "Triarchic Theory of Intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, there are many other several factors that act upon an individuals intelligence and their behavior. We shall now discuss a few theories that have been used to explain the process of intelligence.
The PASS theory or the Planning, Attention-Arousal, Simultaneous and Successive model was introduced in the year 1975 by Das, Kirby, and Jarman. Later it was further refined and explained by Das, Taglieri, and Kirby. This challenges the concept of the g-theory over the fact that neuropsychological research has constantly shown that the human brain which is made up of interdependent, but different, functional system. The PASS theory divides intelligence into four interconnected cognitive processes. Among the four the first is the process of planning in which, we see the ability of a person to think and make a decision, to find a solution to a problem and also to perform. This study also consists of setting targets, anticipating consequences and the ability to use feedback. Planning also consists the attention-arousal, simultaneous and successive processing function. The second factor in cognitive processing is the attention-arousal. Here the ability of an individual is based on how selectively he or she can attend to a stimulus while ignoring other distraction. People who suffer from Attention deficit disorder or ADD have a problem or injury in this area. The brain stem and the thalamus are generally associated with the process of arousal function. The third process is the Simultaneous processing, where the ability of language comprehension is necessary. It is the process of integrating a stimulus into a whole form. Lastly, the final process in the four cognitive processes of the PASS theory is the successive processing. In this process, the ability to combine a stimulus into sequential order comes into act. This is where an individual prepares his letters and numbers in a sequential form. (Das, 2007) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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