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There is no specific definition of this term intelligence, however, some experts on psychology suggest that intelligence encompasses a single general ability (Blair,…
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Intelligence testing article analysis
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"Intelligence testing article analysis"

Download file to see previous pages intelligence as a mental activity which is directed towards a purposive adaption to the selection and shaping of a real world environment that is relevant to the life of an individual.
Sternberg (1984) further denotes that a successful intelligence comprises of different factors, which are, creative intelligence, practical intelligence, and analytical intelligence. Analytical intelligence involves ability to solve problems. Creative intelligence involves ability to deal and cope with new situations, by the use of current skills, and past experiences. Practical intelligence on the other hand is the capability of adapting to different environmental changes. Another theoretical framework is the general intelligence theory, developed by Charles Spearman. Spearman used a techniques referred to as factor analysis for purposes of examining a variety of mental aptitude tests (Blair, 2006).
Spearman thereby concluded that the scores which emanated from these tests were similar, and people who excelled in one cognitive test, also excelled in other tests. On the other hand, those who performed poorly in one test, also performed poorly, in other tests that they did. He therefore concluded that intelligence can be referred to a general cognitive ability, which is possible to measure, and numerically express it (Blair, 2006). One method of measuring intelligence is by the use of an intelligence quotient test. This is a test score that is able to rate the cognitive ability of an individual, when compared to the general population. IQ tests normally use a standardized scale, which has a median score of 100. Another test used in measuring intelligence is aptitude tests. This are a series of tests, in mathematics, English, physical and social sciences aimed at testing the intelligence of an individual.
These questions are always short and require a precise answer. Collins (2012) explains that intelligence is different from academic achievement. Collins (2012) denotes that in as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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