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Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past and Present - Article Example

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The aim of this article "Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past and Present" is to summarize the benefits of applying the recent information technology advancements in law enforcement for the purpose of facilitating major data-related tasks…
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Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past and Present
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Extract of sample "Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past and Present"

Download file to see previous pages Mobile Data Terminals are used in the MIS systems of law enforcement agencies. Initially, these systems were very expensive, because they entailed a separate radio network for the transmission of data and communication. There has been a steep fall in the cost of Mobile Data Terminals, which has rendered them affordable, due to the development of trunked radio systems. MDT’s transmit data, pictures, and files to the units established at road points (Clark).
A short term goal is the Continued Integration system, which is less expensive than the other strategies. Under this system, the deputy will be provided with extensive information about the scope of their operation for a particular task. Thus, deputies are required to access and process databases. Hence, their cars are equipped with a high power terminal with which databases stored on a large number of computers can be accessed. This strategy is the most effective and time-saving. Such deputies obtain immediate responses from the workgroups. The action in this strategy is fast and reliable, in comparison to corresponding with various departments for obtaining information and resorting to telephones for requesting the required information (Clark).
Handheld computers are of great use to police officers. These new gadgets enable them to retrieve information from drivers’ licenses. They also allow the police to take photographs of the car and its driver. These photographs can be produced in court as evidence, along with the ticket. The local court system permits such evidence. However, the cost of such hardware and the software required for it, are quite expensive (Computers Could Speed Up Traffic Citations, 2008).
The field staff can retrieve data, pictures, and files from the road units into their laptop computers. This enables deputy police offers to access a wide array of databases, such as the Criminal Justice Information System or CJIS, CAD, FCIC, and NCIC. In addition, maps of major counties are stored in the MDT’s, which the field police officers can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past Article.
(Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past Article)
Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past Article.
“Management Information Systems Pertaining to Law Enforcement - Past Article”.
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