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Social Anxiety Disorder - Research Paper Example

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This discussion, Social Anxiety Disorder, presents social anxiety disorder which originally referred to as social phobia is a disorder where those affected suffer from excessive fear and anxiety of social situations for duration of more than six months. …
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Social Anxiety Disorder
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Download file to see previous pages This paper highlights that people are born with SAD hence the argument that biological compositions mainly result to the development of this disorder. He also demonstrates how children likely to develop SAD in future have a high resting heart rate that rises higher while under stress. This physiological trait further compliments the biological cause theory.
As the study discusses Psychological and Environmental factors also cause the development of social anxiety disorder. Psychological causes could be as a result of embarrassing social experiences in one past. These experiences leave one intimidated and fearful of reoccurrence of those incidences thus resulting in an excessive phobia. For example, teenagers who are bullied by their peers tend to develop the social anxiety disorder later on in life. One might also develop SAD as a result of observing the behavior of those around an individual and learning from other people's experiences. Children's upbringing can also result in the development of this disorder. For example, if an individual were constantly bullied and neglected by their parents or siblings they could develop SAD. Psychologists thus believe that life events are very vital in the development of social anxiety. It is thus evident that one's history, environment, and experiences contribute to the development of SAD. This argument makes sense, as most aspects of the SAD are social by nature and require an individual's experience for one to be affected. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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