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It practically explains the loss in confidence that is always experienced my individuals who always find themselves in situations where they are expected to communicate or react. When categorized, social phobia falls into…
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Social Phobia
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Story: Social Phobia Social phobia is an aspect that has left many wondering. It practically explains theloss in confidence that is always experienced my individuals who always find themselves in situations where they are expected to communicate or react. When categorized, social phobia falls into the group of stage fright and panics and are considered to be a form of social anxiety disorder. Social phobia as a disorder mostly affects the personality of an individual, but in worse scenario may affect others because of the choices taken or made by an individual as it has a tendency of making an individual to be alienated from others. What makes social phobia different from other kinds of anxiety disorder is that individuals affected by the disorder are always concerned with the feelings of other people towards their attitude. This makes them to be cautious with their selves and in the process affects their attitude and behavior as they always want to impress audiences around them.
The disorder can be diagnosed at early childhood, but for researchers who have studied it, they say the disorder always affects individuals who are in their youth. The causative agents of the disorder are always assumed to be over protective parents of limited social opportunities.
Individuals who are suffering from the disorder can get a remedy for their situation by making a visit to a psychologist, however learning to socialize more and confronting fears are also steps to help in putting the disorder under control. The disorder can be passed on from one generation to the next by being inherited from parents or relatives. This makes it difficult to be diagnosed as there are no known signs and symptoms that have been established. In addition, the disorder can be caused due to environmental factors which are responsible for shaping the attitudes and behaviors of individuals within a society.
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Social Phobia Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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