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Systematic Literature Review - Essay Example

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy First Name / Last Name School Affiliation BACKGROUND Cognitive behavioural therapy is a psychotherapeutic way of addressing maladaptive actions, cognitive contents and processes and dysfunctional emotions through several goal-oriented, precise methodical techniques…
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Systematic Literature Review
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Extract of sample "Systematic Literature Review"

Download file to see previous pages Cognitive behavioural treatment was mainly developed through an incorporation of cognitive psychology research with behavior therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy focusses on the problem of the patient and the action that the therapist takes to help the patient. OBJECTIVE/S OF THE REVIEW Researchers’ studies and journals, on cognitive behavioral therapy, uses patients with mental disorder in order to express and draw conclusions on the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy on the patients with disorder. I will base my article on their research and show how effective cognitive behavioral therapy has been to patients with disorders. SEARCH STRATEGY I used two types of databases: Informit and Eric. To perform the search I had to use some terms that would lead me to the databases. The first was key words I used were ‘Cognitive behavioural therapy’ that had 41 results. The next search I used ‘Reducing anxiety’. These came up with a result of 119. ...
Those who have dropped out have not received the therapy as they are supposed to. SELECTION CRITERIA The choice of sources to use was dependent on inclusion criteria. To be included in the study, you had to be a patient suffering a disorder. The studies carried out were quantitative majorly because they relied more on the statistics to come up with findings. The participants in the studies were chosen using the inclusion criteria (suffering from a form of mental disorder). The participants were studied and data was collected to come up with statistics that showed the level of effectiveness of the cognitive behavior therapy (Richards et al. 2006, p. 8). The main method used in the sources was the random controlled trial. The participants who met the inclusion criteria would randomly get assigned to various scenarios and they were observed on how they were doing and data was collected for analysis. There was also use of the cohort study where the participants had matching inclusion criteria and hence observations were carried out on the cohort/group. MAIN RESULTS (use sub-headings as appropriate) Social phobia. According to Richards et al. 2006, the cognitive behavioral therapy was successful in reducing the symptoms of social phobia that was coming from the interaction with the internet among the participants in his study. He carried out his study on participants who had phobia of accessing their e-mail. This was concurred with by in a study by Carlbring et al. 2006 who also carried out a study on social phobia in his participants. He used cognitive behavioral therapy on the participants using a method referred to as bibliotherapy where each participant was to have access to internet and instructions were sent through e-mail to the patients ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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