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A Psychological Analysis of the Film Precious - Essay Example

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This paper declares that at the beginning of the film, Precious, Claireece Jones is sitting in her preferred position at the back of the class, enjoying her fantasies. The girl has no friends in class, and her classmates mock her due to her physical appearances. …
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A Psychological Analysis of the Film Precious
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Extract of sample "A Psychological Analysis of the Film Precious"

Download file to see previous pages However, after watching her experience and seeing the changes she finally makes, I feel depressed but more uplifted by her changes. When she commences writing he ‘Why Me? article on her notebook, I could not stop tears falling from my eyes. Specifically, the knowledge that Precious got the HIV infection from her father is disturbing and distressing. The narration of the event reminded me of the early scenes when Precious faced suspension from the school, and she responded, “I ain’t do nothing!” At this point, it is clear that the girl was telling the truth since she was no pregnant out of her will but due to the sexual abuse committed on her by her father. Despite being an innocent girl, he parents abuses her illustrating the unpleasant nature of life.
Unfortunately, her mother is jealous of her, confuses her, and abuses her without any particular justification. Nonetheless, Precious keeps loving and listening to her mother until she realizes the real perception of her mother towards her.
Precious experiences many psychological problems owing to the environment in which she was born and raised. In addition, her personal experiences aggravate the emotional glitches that torment her life. At some point, watching the film makes me weaker as I doubt my capability in handling the situations experienced by the girl. Indeed, as she tells the social worker “none of these you can handle.” Notably, Precious’ assertion is true as real-life overwhelms individuals such that social workers and psychologists have little input to propose or provide any meaningful solutions. Precious’ life and struggles provide valuable insight for teenagers and parents to learn about the emotional and psychological health. Specifically, it illustrates how the environment and personal experiences shape their psychological well-being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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