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Seven pounds - Essay Example

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Seven Pounds
7 pounds is rather impressive and interesting film. The contemporaries are interested in it, because nowadays people are not focused on their emotional background and are focused on financial gains. …
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Seven pounds
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Download file to see previous pages Tim Thomas, the main character of the film performed by Will Smith, suffers from a crash accident and kills seven people. Tim wants to save the lives of seven people. He donates his organs to other people. This is unusual type of films challenges the contemporaries with an interesting way of plot’s interpretation.
The essence of the film
In the last episode Tim wants to help Connie Tepos (Elpidia Carrillo) and saves her life and the lives of her two children. The last two people, saved by Tim, are Ezra Turner (Woody Harrelson) and a blind meat salesman playing the piano. The last donation is made for Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson), when Tim wants to donate a heart for her. Finally, he starts falling in love with this girl. A story of their feelings is impressive and the audience has a perfect opportunity to think about the essential and basic feelings of every individual–love and intimacy. There is no doubt that these guys would have perfect relations, but Tim’s sins do not let him go and his conscience and mind gain power over his emotions and feelings.
Therefore, this film is not only about physical pain, but also about emotional and psychological sufferings. There is much darkness and depression in this film, but there is no doubt that there are much spiritual issues in this film. ...
Moral values are substituted by monetary and financial concerns. The main character of Will Smith is described in the following way: “His breeziness becomes a shallow act, and his smile becomes downright eerie, a strained mask that hides pain, wards off hostility and expresses aggression all at the same time. It's a smile with dead eyes” (LaSalle, 2008). Nevertheless, a feeling of love reincarnate his dead eyes and he is able to be inspired by one of the greatest feelings of the world. There is much romanticism in this film, as well as there is much drama. This film is for different tastes and the audience thankfully follows the development of the events in the film. Will Smith persuades the viewers that the most precious thing in the world is life. He made people lose their lives, but in the result of this horrible accident he did not suffer from having lost his own life. He compensated his debt in the face of God and he is strong enough and a rather responsible person to show that he is emotionally stable and spiritually strong person. The actions of Tim are reviewed in the following way: “But all the narrative trickery and emotional manipulation only serves to put Ben further out of the audience's reach, as he moves through the plot like a single-minded Terminator without motivations we can grasp” (Critical Analysis of Seven Pounds). On the one hand, the main character of the film is self-concentrated and a reserved person, but on the other hand, he is a connecting link between different aspects of the film’s world. Sentimental performance of Will Smith is both dramatic and philosophic. The audience is puzzled by the ability to wonder about the real essence and the central plot of the film (Film review – Seven Pounds 2008). A perfect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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