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This discussion, The Effect of Pre-Conceived Notions on the Perception, presents the experience the author wants to talk about concerns his trip to summer camp at the age of 14. Even now he can brightly remember his confusion with the place because of the altered perception. …
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The Effect of Pre-Conceived Notions on My perception By The experience I want to talk about concerns my trip to summer camp at the age of 14. Even now I can brightly remember my confusion with the place because of the altered perception. The reason was my pre-conceived notion about summer camps as of the places for introverted children with a lot of freedom and internal space. I grew up as the only child in family and never had much interaction with other children. I had a few friends at school but when I got home after the classes I was often left on my own. My parents were busy people but fortunately they provided me with plenty of opportunities for self-development. We had a huge library and all my spare time I spent reading and drawing. So when at the age of 14 my parents told me that I would go to the summer camp to spent some time with other kids somewhere in a beautiful place I was more than happy. I imagined how we would gather in groups with and have conversations about our favorite books and movies. I thought a lot about gathering around the fire and singing our favorite songs and even visualized al, that. I also thought that we would often go exploring the forest with its mighty trees and tender brooks by ourselves.
I could not even imagine how wrong I was. When I got there I realized that I had so little freedom that I could not even find the time to read a book. All our activities were planned in ahead and we were obliged to take part in all of them. So from morning till night we were playing games outdoors, running, swimming, making quests. All the children looked happy and pleased and I felt lonelier and lonelier each day. Soon the camp looked like a prison to me and all the children seemed strange and distant so I called home and asked my parents to take me back. None of my visual images, of my pre-conceived notions was true that is why my perception of the camp was so negative. After many years understand that it was a nice place with a lot of friendly people, it just did not meet my expectations and did not fit my precise images. That is why to avoid frustration I try not to picture images of future in my head because reality often does not look the same. Read More
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