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The advancement and affordability of digital devices has simplified communication between people irrespective of their distance and time differences. However, technology has also led to isolations of people…
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Has technology made us more alone
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Download file to see previous pages Cecilia Brown is a Research Consultant at Sachs Insights with an exclusive 9 years experience in Psychological study. She has a degree in Psychology from Connecticut College. The author mainly specializes in Ethnographic studies. Brown has currently done 14 projects in psychological research studies.
Based on Brown (2013), technological communication has hindered social skills among the youths. She notes that people nowadays prefer to text than to talk. In the process, people become virtually connected, but physically disconnected in the real world. This is expressed through social networking, emailing and texting. She denotes that many people can spend days and months without having a face to face interaction with one another.
She outlines the evidence through 2 studies she conducted where she interviewed 112 college students from Connecticut College. The participants were aged between 18 to 23 years where 89.1% were Whites due to their predominance at the institution. The participants were chosen randomly where data was collected through an online survey. The participants were also paired with confederates and given 5 minutes to know each other (Brown 2013, 42).
Accordig to the findings, her hypothesis was confirmed. Participants who used internet and preference more often, had poor social skills. The results indicate that technology savvy youths prefer online communication isolating them from face-to-face interrelationships (Brown 2013, 56).
Qingya Wang holds two degrees; Bachelor’s in Psychology and Economics from Hubei Normal University and Bachelor’s in marketing from Johnson and Wales University. Wang is currently a lecturer at Hubei Normal University. The author has 10 years experience in Psychological research where he has published 22 articles on the field.
Wang (2011) argues that technology plays a big role in building peoples’ lives today. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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