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Technology Versus Humanity - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Class 12 April 2012 Technology versus Humanity I was born in the year 1978. Boundaries of medical science were being explored and expanded. The first test tube baby was born in London. The year saw an adventure by three men to successfully fly across the Atlantic in a helium balloon…
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Technology Versus Humanity
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"Technology Versus Humanity"

Download file to see previous pages It was the period when electronics were missing portability. This breakthrough opened horizons for the music industry and was a revolutionary product. This trend is reminiscent of the revolution the iPod bought to the entertainment industry. It was the time when computers or digital content of any type was almost nonexistent for everyday consumers. Everything was done manually and the efficiency of every system was accordingly slow. Movies were exclusive to cinemas and the world depended on conventional televisions with now forgotten Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) for their home entertainment. For the year 1978, the Walkman was equivalent to the launch of a revolutionary product introducing its own category; just like the year 2010 is known as the year of the iPad (Francoeur 1).  With the development of new technology over time, our productive capabilities as well as our lifestyle have changed. We may not realize the transition because we have been a part of it and passing along with every development. But if we take a look down the memory lane and remember our lifestyles decades ago, we realize that we have come a long way and changed without realizing much. Technology has not only improved in entertainment sector as with the development from a Sony Walkman to smart phones we use today, but this change can be applied to every field. Resultantly, our lifestyles have changed with technology. We have more options to choose as to how we spend our leisure time and how we can improve our efficiency in work. This increase in efficiency has accelerated the rate of our learning and developing new technologies and innovations in every sector. Health, education, military and every field that we look at has come a long way. With the technology we have changed and the way we interact with each other has changed as well. The technology has improved our lifestyles in some ways; however, it has negative effects as well. These effects are not minor and they have changed us gradually over time. We may not realize it, but this change in our behavior is at a very large scale. We can only comprehend the magnitude by comparing it with our values decades ago. Some of the negative effects of technology are highlighted; Technology has improved communications. Mobile phones has given us the capability to call our friends and loved ones any time we want. It provides us with limited interaction with our friends. Video calling is available through our mobile devices and computers. The technology has no doubt provided us with easy access to each other at all times. Our devices are our connection with the world. It all sounds good in theory and has made things easier. But, in reality our devices have replaced our friends. We only meet and interact with our contacts through our devices. The need for physical interaction has become a low priority. Physical interactions have reduced and our devices are our new best friends. We now prefer to stay at our homes and spend time with our entertainment systems. As a result, our social activities and interactions have changed and are being affected in a negative way. Face to face communication has decreased and has negative effect on our societies and behavior. Lack of this interaction has decreased personal growth. As per Wier, personalities have started to change over time and we see increase in numbers of introvert human beings (184). This is simply due to the fact that we need social interactions for our ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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