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Ruth Schwartz Cowan More Work for Mother - Article Example

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This essay analyzes that technology was invented with the intention of decreasing the labor and saving time for human beings. Machines were designed to do the work in half the time. The invention of different machines created a drastic change in transportation, medical and communication field…
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Ruth Schwartz Cowan More Work for Mother
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"Ruth Schwartz Cowan More Work for Mother"

Download file to see previous pages For doing the research of studies and surveys conducted in different countries, it becomes evident that industrialization has not only increased the workload of housewives but has also created an emotional and social emptiness in their heart.
With the process of industrialization, many products which were prepared at home started becoming available then market. Instead of preparing different things like candles, clothes and food items at home, women started buying it ready made from the market (Cowan 41). Before the industrialization, children and husband used to share the work of a housewife by chopping wood, shelling corn, pounding grains, making sausages etc (Cowan 46). However, the entry of cooking stove, automatic flour mill, and factory produced food the n kitchen made the children (and husbands) to believe that the kitchen work has become very easy and hence, their mother does not need any help. Hence, instead of helping their mother with housework, children started treating the g house as a place for leisure (Cowan 46). This attitude forced the housewives to work alone in the kitchen and bear the burden of all the household responsibilities alone. Hence, instead of making life easier for a housewife, industrialization made her life miserable by throwing all the responsibility of housework work on her.
Rather than preparing their own food and stitching their own clothes, people started buying them from the market (Cowan 48). The transition from being producers of the household items to consumers of the household items affected the way they led their lives. Instead of helping their wives at home, men had to visit the mills and the factories to buy the flour (Cowan 53). The bonding and the healthy interaction between the family members became scarce. Moreover, the household machines which were intended to make a housewife’s work easy started creating more problems for her. The use of stove increased housewife’s workload. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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