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Personal approach to family therapy based on different theories - Essay Example

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The wellness of an individual depends on a number of factors including the fulfillment of basic needs, educational/professional achievement, societal acceptance and family relationships. Among these factors, family relationships have become a serious concern in many areas…
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Personal approach to family therapy based on different theories
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Download file to see previous pages es, the current paper expounds on the techniques that may be used to effect changes in the parents’ realization of their roles and the way they affect their child according to how they relate with each other at home. The proposed techniques may be applied in the real setting with some revisions to fit the needs and requirements of the client.
Family Therapy has been proven to resolve problems of youth with disruptive behavior, substance abuse, and poor learning ability, including ADHD (Nichols & Schwartz, 2001, p.402). In this paper, we rely on a combination of Family Therapy approaches to resolve the problem of a child with disruptive behavior and poor performance in school. Commonly, behavioral approaches are used in therapy and counseling to resolve problems of children in school. However, behavioral problems are limited in their approach because they consider a monadic view of the individual (ibid, p.377) and forget to see the client as a part of the family, with all its systems and functions. Therefore, the current paper relies on Family Therapy approaches, which trace the root of the problem, specifically the relationship of the couple and the dynamic roles the parents and other members of the family take to help the child cope with the challenges and complexities associated with school. Using Bowen’s Family Systems Theory, we assume that parents themselves would trace the cause of their child’s misconduct. In addition, using Minuchin’s Structural Family Therapy, we hope that parents will play the role expected of them as parents.
Many children nowadays develop disruptive behaviors and perform poorly in school due to some problems at home, which they cannot solve on their own. Marital issues, especially those made worse by violence, have a way to affect children in the most negative way. Exposing a child to domestic violence could later lead to adverse effects. Realizing this truth, parents should strive to eliminate the problems between them, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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