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The different types of play therapy, while they many be based on different psychological theories and the may have a few different techniques, have one thing in common, they are effective in relieving symptoms according to the research to date. They seem to work in multiple locations and with the majority of issues with which children present…
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Is There a Best Play Therapy for the Client
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The therapists choose the techniques that have been proven to work with the child’s identified symptoms. It does not seem that the therapist chooses a different theory based on the issue with which the child presents, but it does seem necessary that the therapist know what mechanism of change is necessary and incorporate those into their treatment plan.

Kot (1995) investigated the effectiveness of non-directive Play Therapy with child witnesses of domestic violence. Outcome measures were compared against a control group and evaluated using the Joseph Pre-School and Primary Self-Concept Screening Test, Child Behavior Check List and Childrens Play Sessions Behavior Rating Scale. Children in the treatment group were found to have significantly reduced externalizing

Springer et al (1992) investigated the effectiveness of Play Therapy and Art Therapy with children identified as having one parent suffering from alcohol or drug dependency. A total of 132 subjects were used with ages ranging from 7 years to 17 years. Results indicated subjects within the treatment groups experienced significant improvements in depression, hyperactivity and disruptive behavior.

Dogra and Veeraraghavan (1994) found that children diagnosed with aggressive conduct disorder who received 16 sessions of non-directive Play Therapy sessions and Parental Counseling sessions showed significant improvement in their behavior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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