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The goal of the present paper "Play Therapy: Children Coping with Parental Divorce" is to represent a basic understanding of the divorce issue along with its impact on the children. Furthermore, the paper shall examine various references and discuss it…
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Play Therapy: Children Coping with Parental Divorce
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Download file to see previous pages Children who have been in divorce have varied emotional inclinations, and may often present different opinions towards divorce. Several games have been designed to help children overcome different situations. The Basketball game as imposed by Lowenstein has been worthwhile in helping children in effective communication of their emotions towards divorce as well as divorce misconceptions. Some of the games are inclusive of some of the most important issues that need to be addressed when handling divorce issues. For example, Basketball game cards have questions like• What are the emotional feelings displayed by children from divorced or separated?• Why do parents’ divorce?• Why would children feel the guilt of their parents’ divorce?• True or false: when parents get divorce they never get back together again• True or false: children have to choose one side of the parent to loveAccording to some scholars, play therapy programs are effective in managing psychological challenges facing children of divorce. Some studies have gone further to note that female children tend to respond better to play-based therapy as opposed to their male counterparts. In divorce cases, children at the latency age always have difficulties adjusting to their academic, behavior and feelings. On the contrary, children in the late elementary schools have been reported to have difficulties in adjusting too. According to Bratton, et al (2005), the study results indicated that divorce cases that are emotionally draining. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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