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Bolder Family - Essay Example

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With the advent of information technology, changes in perspective are becoming obvious. The incidence of incestuous behavior in a family is a shameful act. At this juncture, evaluation of family, family system and individuals becomes imperative as they contribute to and maintain the problem(s)…
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Bolder Family
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Extract of sample "Bolder Family"

Download file to see previous pages Motive should be to focus on the changes in the structure and functioning of the family so that family remains together and with a strong bonding. Abusing parents are responsible for the inappropriate sexual behavior. Therefore, necessity of therapy arises encompassing a programmatic component that addresses the restructuring of the family system. It is based on the wishes of the family, the desires of the child victim and the view of the therapist for treatability of the family reducing traumas and a better chance for change when all are involved with the therapy.
In the present case, when evaluation was made pertaining to the factors contributing to the family's vulnerability to incest, precipitating events or situations typically precede an abusive episode and lack of coping mechanism. The family needs an intense therapy. For the situation presented in the study, biggest intervention would be to begin the session with apology. This is a therapeutic ritual which involves many weeks of planning and preparation on the part of the family and which has proven to have a profound impact on the course of the therapy.
In the present situation, mother (Linda) was sexually abused by her father during her teens. This may explain her incest alluded to during this session. This has probably paved the way to develop distrust and hatered in her sex- life. She requires an Individual therapy along with the Couple therapy to overcome her fear and to develop trust and faith in her spouse (Mark). It is this trust that will help her overcome her bad memories of childhood and the paranoid behavior towards her daughter (Ashley). It is imperative for her to treat her daughter as a friend to be close to her and to share her feelings. She can emerge as a sensible guide for her and can protect her from the forthcoming events in future.
It is not clear in the study who has taken the pictures the girl's father or her boyfriend There are a number of elements providing a multi-generational view in understanding problems. The notion that the problem (sexual abuse/ taking nude pictures of daughter) is symptomatic of a dysfunctional family. It is the portray of a psychologically disturbed nuclear family because every member of the family contributes to the development and maintenance of the problem and the belief that the problem (symptom) may not in itself have significance but rather have a meaning within the family which is not readily apparent in the behavior e.g. sexual abuse of daughter as a tension-reduction mechanism or as a means of displacing feelings of isolation when the legal- sexual partner (wife) is not supportive.
Allegations of sexual abuse cannot be made on Mark as there is no evidence that he has abused her daughter. Therapy is imperative for both Linda and Mark. For Linda, a cognitive developmental perspective is essential (woman, sexually abused as child and whose daughter is also sexually abused). It discusses ways in which the development of cognitive self-understanding can by stymied by childhood sexual abuse and how this, in turn, can affect a woman's ability to parent her children. Linda must take full advantage of psychotherapy along with the couple therapy, sexual therapy, family therapy and individual therapy at the age of 43 when physiological changes in female's body start appearing.
It is the responsibility of Mark to learn from his parents by seeing them as an ideal for deep family bonding and share ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bolder Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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