Analysis of Systems Family Therapy - Case Study Example

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 In the following case study scenario in systems family therapy, one will identify the facts of the case study itself; issues in therapy; and analysis of the various types of therapy available. The family is moderate in its dysfunctionality that severe problems such as schizophrenia will not develop…
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Analysis of Systems Family Therapy
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Download file to see previous pages “Bateson's elegant and thoughtful articulations of cybernetic theory influenced numerous disciplines, including communications, anthropology, and family therapy” (Gehart 2010, pp. 144). Family therapy, however, is being used increasingly in almost all the helping professions” (Burnham 1989, pp. 1).  II. The Case Study Facts Yarek is 56 years old and happily married to Barbara who is 48 years old. They have a very close and solid relationship. They have two children—Shannon, who is 26 years old, and Denis, who is 30 years old. Shannon is married to Mike, but there are conflict and instability in their relationship. When Mike is around, they always get into disputes about little things, which sometimes break out into full-fledged fights. Mike’s dad, Rex, is 50 years old and happily married to Mary, who is 48. They have a good relationship. Mike also has a brother named Robbie. They are tired of helping Mike and Shannon. They do not know how to help them. On the other hand, Denis has a problem not being able to stay in a relationship for more than two weeks, and he blames his dad Yarek for that. At the moment, Denis has managed to keep his relationship with a girl named Jane for more than three weeks but is having difficulties. Jane’s dad, Philip, is 55, and happily married to his wife Maggie who is 50 years old. They have a close relationship and are trying to help Dennis and Jane. Yarek’s dad is 76 years old. His name is Derek and he is married to Judith who is 74. Their relationship is wrought with conflicts. They are always arguing and have their own problems to sort out and do not have time to help Yarek’s family. Yarek had a sister, Anita. She died in a car crash when she was 53 years old. Barbara’s parents were happily married. Barbara’s dad Zarek died due to cancer when he was 80 years old. Her mother, Dawn, at 75 years of age, is still alive but has little contact with Barbara’s family. This is due to several disputes she had a long time ago with Yarek. Barbara also has two sisters—Amanda who is 43 and Anastasia who is 53. They have lost contact with Barbara’s family because of Yarek’s attitudes and generally arrogant personality. Yarek is a successful, self-employed accountant. He has been on therapies for immobilizing obsessions and phobias. These problems force him to take time off from work. His wife Barbara is a full-time Deputy Manager, in a big successful real estate company. Barbara is able to cope, even though Yarek takes time off work, sick for weeks. Barbara is of a strong character. She loves her husband dearly so much so that she is ready to take any sorts of challenges in her life. III. Therapy Yarek is a recovering alcoholic; he has been sober for two years.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Systems Family Therapy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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