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With reference to theory and practice, critically evaluate the shift from the first-order to second-order cybernetics in the family and systemic therapies - Essay Example

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Cybernetics is a science relating to communication and control theory, fundamentally concerned with comparative study and analysis of automatic regulatory or control systems. It also refers to a trans-disciplinary approach generally concerned with exploring the control systems,…
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Extract of sample "With reference to theory and practice, critically evaluate the shift from the first-order to second-order cybernetics in the family and systemic therapies"

Download file to see previous pages The change generated in the system’s environment or settings is reflected in some manner within the system, prompting a system change (also known as feedback cycle). Different philosophers, theorists and therapists have played a vital role in the dramatic shift from the first-order to second-order cybernetics in the family and systematic therapies. First-order cybernetics dictates that both family and systematic therapists perceives phenomena through a process of observation instead of being deeply influenced by the process (Clarke & Hansen, 2009). In this regard, the observer is not part of the system. Similarly, the therapist can discover and solve problems without necessarily getting involved directly into the system in order to instigate change. Second-order cybernetics studies the function or role of observer (human observer) in the construction of various models of systems, as well as other observers. It investigates the construction of the models of cybernetic systems. Besides, second-order cybernetics investigates the cybernetics with complete awareness that investigators are essentially part of the system, playing a remarkable part in providing a way out to self-organizing and subject-object problem (Clarke & Hansen, 2009). In essence, the investigators are often cybernetically engaged with the system under observation thus affecting the system or being affected by it (the system). The systematic therapy mainly addresses people on both individual and in relationships. This form of therapy deals with interactions of groups as well as their interactional dynamics and patterns.
Cybernetics is vital to the development of systematic and family therapies. It is particularly essential to the development of family systems theory as it marks the beginning of the study as well as exploration of many forms of systems, including families (Haslebo & Nielsen, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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