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Family theory use for the dementia Disease - Essay Example

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Wherever families are having difficulties in sustaining or re-establishing balance, in discovering ways of dealing successfully with enduring stress or crisis, nursing practice could find itself in a supportive task. A number of knowledgeable and experienced nurses have gained…
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Family theory use for the dementia Disease
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Download file to see previous pages ortant that nurses continue to improve their care services beyond that of re-establishment of family balance to encompass that of family health support and health protection through extensive awareness. The capability of families to reveal self-care skills is crucial to advance mental and physical health within the family and curb the mortality and morbidity that persists to transpire as an outcome of chronic health problems (Doane, 2004). Being a service-oriented profession, nurses working with families in illness and health have an obligation to enhance individual health but the health of the entire family.
The objective of this paper is to explore some of the features of the family system theory. Primarily, the repercussions of an organismic family systems model to dementia will be taken into account. Then, consistent with the principles of a competence theory, there will be an exploration of the features of the family systems theory. And lastly, based on research on family systems, several dimensions of family systems will be discussed with regard to their relevance to nursing practice with vulnerable families of dementia patients.
The family systems theory was conceptualised by Murray Bowen which maintains that understanding of an individual is impossible in separation from one another, but instead understanding of an individual as a member of their family. The family, as espoused by the theory, is an emotional entity. In the family systems approach, the family is viewed as a system of interrelated and mutually dependent individuals. Moreover, the theory stipulates that families are systems in which all of its members had tasks to fulfil and rules to obey. System members are anticipated to respond to each other in a definite manner in accordance to their responsibility, which is established by relationship agreements (Titelman, 2003).
Within the system boundaries, trends emerge as behaviour of a particular member of the family is attributable to and sources ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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