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Nursing Issues: Adverse Effects to the Family Unit of Having a Child with Chronic Illness - Research Paper Example

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The relations especially the parents face so many troubles with regard to dealing with the child’s health. They experience social problems, monetary difficulties, stress…
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Nursing Issues: Adverse Effects to the Family Unit of Having a Child with Chronic Illness
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Download file to see previous pages They should help reduce anxiety of the parents, as well as their overprotective manners towards the child (Theofanidis, 2007, p 1; Bronner & Grootenhuis, 2009, p 940).
Life-threatening illnesses can be described as body or mental conditions that have an effect on the everyday performance of individuals for periods longer than a quarter of a year, or for an interval of hospitalization more than a month. These illnesses include chronic renal failure, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, cancer, asthma, heart failures and many more others (Theofanidis, 2007, p 1). Chronic illness in children can cause unpredictable and yet shattering results to them as well as their families. A number of investigations have proved that the prevalence of severe sicknesses in children is rising. When a child is diagnosed with an acute disease, the whole family is over-involved with the situation. Parents happen to be dulled by the ill health of their children, and this might even affect their job. The Acute conditions of the child cause a lot of pressure on the parents, its siblings, also the child itself. Apart from the social and psychological challenges, it might also create a financial suffering to the family (Bronner & Grootenhuis, 2009, p 940; Knapp et al, 2010, p 421). Therefore, a family faced with this situation requires support as well as counseling to manage the problem. This paper will examine the effects of chronic sicknesses in a child’s family and support from nurses to the family.
Taking care of a child suffering from a chronic disease consumes a lot of the caregiver’s time. This is because it requires more time per day than the time needed to look after healthy children. The child will always call for health care, monetary management, travelling for health checkup as well as care related to daily living activities. Because of their care responsibilities, the parents of the affected children face difficulties ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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