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The writer of the current essay "Intelligence, Thought, Emotion, Motivation" will briefly discuss the role of motivation and its cores. Moreover, the author would in detail focus on the aspects how the motivation can inspire people, describing the principles of thinking…
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Intelligence, Thought, Emotion, Motivation
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Intelligence, Thought, Emotion, Motivation
Human beings are the most intelligent and motivated creatures on earth and their decisions are determined by multiple stimuli like intelligence, emotions, and different thoughts concerning current conditions they find themselves in. However, it is difficult to define what exact stimulus works in this or that situation, because people appear to be motivated by all the stimuli at once as well as just by one of them. Hence, motivation is the thing that makes people do something and act towards their goals, but what factors and stimuli for motivation are the most strong is a question for a rather contradictory discussion.
In order to analyze motivation and its cores it is important to define why people decide to do something. The very first reaction that we have facing some circumstances is emotional, as we first define our attitude to the situation before doing something about it. Thus it is possible to say that emotions are the basic reactions of human mind, because they are first to appear in our minds. Regarding motivation, it turns out that often people get motivated by their emotional reactions on some events. For instance, many people get motivated by love when they are about to do something in favor of the people they love; vice versa it frequently happens that people get absorbed by desire to revenge, so they become motivated by this feeling for a long period of time.
Human intelligence in turn produces thoughts that give form to what a person feels about current events. Thoughts make it possible for a human to explain to oneself what he or she feels in some imaginary or linguistic ways. Thoughts start reflecting on the matter of any incoming circumstances, as in such way human intelligence explains to itself what is going on and why is it happening, which is a crucial thing for intelligence. The point is that most of the time people try to reflect on this world in order to understand it. Moreover, the most distinctive feature of human beings as intelligent creature is their ability to critically analyze things, figure out advantages and disadvantages of their actions and make independent intelligent decisions. It turns out that intelligence plays crucial role in appearance of any motivations in human minds. As far as in order to process any further actions a person is up to, one should estimate one's attitude towards the circumstances and presuppose some possible outcomes of the actions. Thus the person does it through thinking and conducts analysis through one's intelligence.
There are multiple theories constructed by famous philosophers, psychiatrists, and psychologists, who tried to explain how human intelligence produces thoughts and in what way people's thoughts and emotions affect their actions and decisions. However, none of the theorists indeed justified the statement that motivation comes from either rational reasons or emotional ones, thus the connection between human intelligence and motivation haven't been clearly defined by now, as there are too many contradictions on the matter. Read More
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