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Discuss the extent to which a high level of Emotional Intellegence can make a possitive contribution to workplace performance. Use examples to illustrate your a - Essay Example

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The aspect of emotional intelligence is under research for over 10 decades formally, ever since industrial output has been accepted as a product of better management of human aspects in the industry. While basic Intelligence Quotient has been the main criteria for selection of an individual at all levels, his potential is realised through his capabilities to handle his emotions…
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Discuss the extent to which a high level of Emotional Intellegence can make a possitive contribution to workplace performance. Use examples to illustrate your a
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Extract of sample "Discuss the extent to which a high level of Emotional Intellegence can make a possitive contribution to workplace performance. Use examples to illustrate your a"

Download file to see previous pages Slowly, theories have emerged as to how people can build-up their emotional strength, and as to what kind of emotional quotient is required for selection by an organisation. Now it forms the basis of all recruitment processes in most good organisations.
Consequently, the definition has been expanded to include emotional identification, perception and expression, facilitation of thought, understanding and management as branches of mental ability (Steve Hein, 2005).
Better Emotional Intelligence quotient can help attain better efficiency through maintaining better working environment thereby increase productivity of an individual and the organisations. Scientific evaluation of individuals' Emotional Intelligence during recruitment is in vogue for almost a decade now. A leader with better EI has been consistently a better motivator and performer than his peers during his career.
Broadly speaking, these abilities include ability to understand emotional feelings expressed by individuals, direct them for better handling and cognitive processes, understand and respect the complexities of emotions in life and work situations and thereafter manage them for achieving the eventual goal in life or the organisation.
All of us have come across parents, friends, teachers, bosses and even children showing emotional outbursts at the drop of a hat making them unpopular among the peers and families There is a separate branch of psychology called Transaction Analysis dealing with why these happen, how to understand them, control them and use these emotions constructively for benefit of the individuals. On the whole, people with low EI not only spoil the working environment around them and bring disharmony in relationships, both personal and professional, they also have a negative effect on the very performance of the individual and thereby low motivation and morale leading to reduced profitability to the organisations. Leaders have a very important role to play in this regard, and EI workshops for them have become norms in most organisations.
The ultimate performance of a business is directly linked to a leader's application of Emotional Intelligence (Gantz Wiley Research 1996). The research has brought out a model as to how good leadership values and stable EI would lead to better performance of employees, which in turn could make the customers happy thereby spread the good word. Finally it will mean better profits for the organisation and improved productivity from an individual.
Good Relationship Practices (= Better EI) - Employee Results (Performance due o ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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