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Most of the times, a mental health problem is also seen as disturbing or distressful state of mind that will interfere with the normal functioning of an individual. However, there…
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Controversial Statements in Psychology
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Controversial ments in Psychology Insert Insert Introduction The mental disorder refers to the of mind in which an individual brains cannot function well. Most of the times, a mental health problem is also seen as disturbing or distressful state of mind that will interfere with the normal functioning of an individual. However, there are various causes of mental health problems (Myers, 2004). The mental health issue affects individual in different ways, and they all display different characteristics if they are mentally disturbed. For instance, other individuals want to be alone and want no interference from anybody. However, there are those individuals who will drink, and there are those who will take off work. Therefore, mental health is a psychological problem that interferes with the proper thinking of an individual thus causing him or her respond to issues with a different perception than usual.
However, there are many controversies as to what is the primary cause of mental health problem. The various researchers have conducted the research, and they have come up with different views as to what is the real cause of the mental health issue (Myers, 2004). However, they all have come up with the similar conclusion on the signs as well as characteristics of an individual who has a mental disorder. Among the features that the researchers came up with include the following; first, they agreed that a person would not be able to carry out his daily operations as usual. Moreover, the researchers concluded that a person who has a mental health problem like to be in isolation as well not being able to make sound decisions that can be reliable by anybody(Ruggiero, 2008).
On the other hand, there is a traditional view as well as the biological view that the mental health problem is hereditary (Wade & Tavris, 2000). However, there is also a different perspective that the mental health issue is formed due to traumatic events. That is, an individual is likely to face this problem if he encounters a situation that directly affects him or her in one way or another (Wade & Tavris, 2000). Traumatic events will lead to continuous stress in the life of an individual that will finally cause danger to his or her brain. The damage to the brain of an individual can lead to long-term effects if not timely attended by professionals.
The research was done by different researchers to identify the Bio-psychosocial factors in personality formation that results traumatic events. In this case, if an individual comes to an event that will torture his or her psychology it is likely to impact negative outcomes to life of an individual (Quigley, 2007). For instance, if some losses a loved one in an accident and they were together in time incident, it is likely to cause mental health problem if one is not attended to on time. Moreover, substance misuse, as well as ingestion of toxins and psychological effects of physical diseases, can be other significant Bio-psychosocial factors in personality formation of traumatic events in the life of an individual.
Basing on various research findings, I, therefore, conclude that mental problems are because of personality obsessive nature. That is, an individual takes matters into a lot of consideration in that it impairs his or her mental health. Psychologist’s states in their research that a lot of obsession cause increases the stress level in an individual thus leading to a mental health problem. Therefore, they recommend that to be mentally healthy one need not to be very obsessive in anything instead on needs to take control of his or her emotions.
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