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Mastering Cognitive Psychology to Become a Good HR Manager - Personal Statement Example

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The author of the paper “Mastering Cognitive Psychology to Become a Good HR Manager” believes his vocation is to study the work of the human mind so that, working in the HR department, turn neophytes into ardent company's supporters. Passion for reading and writing is his another strong advantage…
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Mastering Cognitive Psychology to Become a Good HR Manager
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Extract of sample "Mastering Cognitive Psychology to Become a Good HR Manager"

Download file to see previous pages I am particularly interested in cognitive psychology since it gives insight into the nature of thought which involves cognition, mental processes, and the underlying behavior. After graduation, I hope to apply the knowledge and skill I have acquired from psychology in a business organization’s human resource department. It is my goal to develop a compensation package which will motivate employees to work with their full potential.
I must also add that in aside from my interest in psychology, I am also very passionate in creative writing. Thus, I hope to take minor courses in English in order to enhance my writing skills. It is my greatest dream to write my own book where I can apply my knowledge and skill from both disciplines. I believe that an effective writer should not only be able to tell a good story but let the readers explore the human psyche through the thoughts and emotions of the characters.
Through the years, the situations and challenges that I face have given me the chance to grow and develop as an individual. As a working student, I have been instilled with the great sense of responsibility and commitment both for my studies and my job. My part-time job in BCC’s cafeteria for two years has trained me to work with a diverse workforce, deal with customers especially with the irate ones, and value time management. This experience has exposed to the challenges of dealing with stress and pressure. Being an Indonesian, my stay here at the US has enhanced my flexibility as an individual. It enabled me to observe and adapt to the different culture in this society, made me more open-minded, widened my social circle, and furthered my skills and competency in the English language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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