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Competence about oneself provides fundamental tools that can help managers improve their performances. Tennant (2012) observes that organizations have realized the important of promoting self-awareness and development; thus, the contemporary corporate world accords this strategy sufficient attention…
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Self-awareness and continuous self-development
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Download file to see previous pages Competence about oneself provides fundamental tools that can help managers improve their performances. Tennant (2012) observes that organizations have realized the important of promoting self-awareness and development; thus, the contemporary corporate world accords this strategy sufficient attention. Beneficial attributes of self-awareness emanate from various avenues. As such, persons need to understand and utilize opportunities provided by this strategy in developing organizations. This paper explores the necessity of observing self-awareness and development and provides guidelines for achieving them. The concept of self-awareness According to Cohen & Bradford (2005), self-awareness is a way, through which an individual examines his individual personalities, values, beliefs, natural preferences and tendencies. This means that self-awareness entails establishing a clear knowledge about identity. Cohen & Bradford (2005) note that people are of different meanings concerning how individuals learn, examine and react to situations in dissimilar manners. This presents that one’s response to a scenario is may not be predictable, thus, Maurer & Weiss (2010) indicate that people need to spend time in self-examination to develop a good insight of themselves. Importantly, Euberger (2007) identifies that self-awareness mainly refers to three abilities which entail emotional awareness, accurate Self-appraisal and Self-confidence. Initially, emotional awareness entails realizing one’s own feelings and their effect on performance....
Importance of self-awareness and development Tennant (2012) affirms that the concept of self-awareness entails understanding one’s strengths, motivators, potentials and values. As such, self-awareness emerges as an initial step of people’s development; hence, these two virtues are closely related. As one develops in self-awareness, he is in a better position of comprehending why he experiences feelings and why he behaves in a certain way. This, hence, provides one with the opportunity and autonomy of altering his habit to develop a life of choice. According to Euberger (2007), with poor knowledge about self, self-appreciation and change are impossible. Indeed, Cohen & Bradford (2005) support the position of self-reflection in enhancing development by observing that clarity about needs empowers us into realizing people’s wants. In fact, failure to establish knowledge about one’s self makes an individual be vulnerable to self-dramas and uncertain beliefs since the practice allows unknown thought that determines one’s feeling and activities (George, McLean & Craig, 2008). Additionally, Bishop (2010) observes that Self-confidence enables us to develop positive and sensible insights of our abilities and selves. Tactical management of self-confidence is essential since it affects one’s prospect of attaining success in his activities. In fact, Tennant (2012) affirms that when strengths are exaggerated they result to liabilities. Self-confidence skills blend well with self-examination capabilities; hence, building strong individuals. Importantly, Maurer & Weiss (2010) observe that manager’s activities are characterized by adjustments and development of frequent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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