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Self-Learning and Development - Essay Example

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The 21st Century is expected to be end of a period of human history and the beginning of a new era. Being an end of a century and a new millennium, the 21st century bringing unusual excitement to the people. The new millennium is expected to accelerate the growth and new innovations at individual and global level…
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Self-Learning and Development
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Extract of sample "Self-Learning and Development"

Download file to see previous pages To acquire these skills and abilities and succeed in the 21st century the youth should dedicated to learn new skills and improve their efficiency and performance. These skills and abilities cannot be learned form the classroom studies, they need to learn from the environment and circumstance where they live or work.
There are wide range of answers to the question of what are the skills and abilities required for the students to succeed in the future. This mainly depend on the characteristics of the individual and the education what they are acquiring from the studies. The four major categories where the students should improve are the communication skills, abilities to apply new technologies, critical thinking and multicultural awareness. The students learn the formal education from the classroom and informal learning from the world where thy live and work. (Walsh & Paul, 1986)
The current scenario in the professional world is more competitive. Those who have the skills and ability will be move ahead and survive in the industry. The people need to learn themselves from the work environment and improve their skills and ability. The people should take responsibility to learn and develop themselves. The self-learning and development will enhance the individual performance as well as the organization performance. The Human resource department in the organization make arrangement for the self learning infrastructure to the employees, so that they can improve them selves and indirectly it will help to improve the performance of the organization. The people are learning one or another in their entire life in every situation or circumstance, which they faced in the everyday life. The continuous learners are always founds and successful persons. The continuous learners are considered more responsible and they can remain employable and marketable by themselves.

The 21st century is the period of more challenges, global competition and advanced technology. So those who have resource of skills and ability will move ahead. More than educational qualification the employer will look into the skills and qualities of a person before taking him for the employment. The organization will look into the cost efficiency and effectiveness. (Arnold, 1997)

The students need to develop the communication skills through which they can exchange the thoughts and ideas by speech or writing. Multicultural awareness will help them to understand and work with diversity. They should have the management skill to guide or organize the people and implement the ideas and policies. The ability to work in-group and adapt to the situation are the major qualities, which a students should develop in his college days. The work ethics, self-discipline and responsibility are the major factor through which a person will be judged and appraised in the organization. The discriminative thinking and analytical reasoning will enchance the performance of the person. (Hoare, 2006) These skills and abilities you cannot find the curriculum, but to be successful in the future the students should develop themselves by self-learning.

Those who self-learners and improve their efficiency will move ahead in not only in his professional career but also in his life. So the self-learning is an art, every body should develop this by their own to succeed in life. In this century, the competition are higher in every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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