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Professor Oakley, in her text, provided practical and far-reaching insight from cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the practical teaching of University level courses that are tough when taught. Her book has techniques and advice on good study habits, as well as, how to…
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To The Student
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To The Oakley, in her text, provided practical and far-reaching insight from cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the practical teaching of University level courses that are tough when taught. Her book has techniques and advice on good study habits, as well as, how to avoid the bad habits (Oakley, 2014: 66).
Professor Oakley describes ten rules for studying well. The first is the utilization of recall; which involves reading a book, looking away and recalling the main ideas described in the text. The ability to recall generates ideas from the inside, hence indicating good learning. The second rule is testing oneself all the time, for everything. The third rule is to chunk one’s problems through meditation. It involves the rehearsal of solutions (Oakley, 2014: 47). The fourth rule is to space one’s repetition by spreading out the learning a little every day in any subject. The fifth one is the alternative use of different techniques for problem-solving. One topic can be boring when studied for long, and should be mixed up and working on the different problems.
The next rule is to take a break. This is because some topics cannot be understood in the first time; one should take a break and work on a different thing then revisit it later. The use of simple analogies for difficult concepts is helpful. The other rule is whereby, one should focus his or her attention on a specific subject or topic and working at it diligently (Oakley, 2014: 123). Another rule is to eat one’s frogs first; that means it is imperative to perform the hardest thing during the early morning when the mind is fresh as opposed to later in the day. The last rule is making a mental contrast, which means imagining where one currently is, where they’ve come from and predicting the far one’s studies can reach. This gives motivation.
In conclusion, there are eight specific strategies that can make one to be successful in the course. They include: utilization of recall, testing yourself, chunking your problems, spacing your repetition and the use of alternative techniques for solving problems. Moreover, one should take a break, sample analogies, getting focused, aiming at concentrating during the early mornings and use of mental contrast. On the contrary, there are bad habits that hamper good studying and should be avoided. They include passive rereading, procrastination, constant distraction, not sleeping enough, repetition of already grasped the concepts, mere glancing at a solution, neglecting guidelines and avoiding much highlighting of a textbook since it gives a false impression of complete grasp of all the concepts highlighted.
Oakley, B. (2014) A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even if you flunked Algebra), New York, Tarcher. Read More
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