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Ajustment - Case Study Example

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Zack and his father, Scott Skiles. They share their experiences on how their situations became adverse when Zack left to join the war in Iraq. Zack at the start of the U.S invasion worked at…
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Ajustment Case Study
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Extract of sample "Ajustment"

Download file to see previous pages According to the dad, Zack became hopeless. However, things changed for the better when Zack decided to go for inpatient treatment. The program helped Zack recover and today he has graduated from college. He is currently helping the other veterans through the same program that helped him recover, at the Pathway home, waiting for the next fall to commence his doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. The father and son shared a strong relationship before Zack left for the war and even after he came back (Caballero, 2015).
The second article, also a story by StoryCorp, concerns a father’s agony about his 13 year old son shot and killed by a policeman 20 years ago. Nicholas Heyward Sr., the dad, eulogizes how his son was a special boy, an attribute seemingly shared by the head teacher of Nicholas Heyward Jr. The story, as narrated by the dad, goes that Nicholas Jr. together with his other friends was playing the game of cops and robbers having toy guns. The officer is claimed to be on patrol and was on an emergency call of fired shots. Suddenly, Nicholas Jr. appeared before the police officer and there he was shot and died instantly.
Nicholas Sr. is an aggrieved man because no action seemed to have been taken against the officer who is still continuing with his duties. The last time that Nicholas Sr. came across him was at a parking area, confronting him in the process on why he could come back to the community after what happened. The officer was later transferred, probably to another station. The father still considers how special his son would have now grown to become, at age 33 (Esty-Kendall & Martinez, 2015).
The major adjustment issues in the first article revolve much about Zack living home for the war. He had to change his lifestyle and adhere to the demands of being a soldier: the training, physical activities, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ajustment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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