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Selective Perception and Decision Making - Research Paper Example

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The "Selective Perception and Decision Making" paper critically analyses the opinion of Robins et al. According to Robins, selective perception may affect our decision-making abilities. Our attitudes, intelligence, cultural backgrounds, perceptions can affect our decision-making abilities…
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Selective Perception and Decision Making
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Extract of sample "Selective Perception and Decision Making"

Download file to see previous pages Some people make take sound and quick decisions while they are facing severe problems whereas some others fail to make good decisions while they face even smaller problems. Various parameters can control our decision-making abilities.

Perception is the way that people organize and interpret everything around them in order to give meaning to experiences. The definition of perception does not change but each individual’s perception of experience can be different. There are many things that influence a person’s perception. Personal beliefs, attitudes, and past experiences can change the way a situation is perceived. Situational awareness also factor’s into perception. What might be normal in one situation might stand out in another. A person yelling at a football game would not stand out but the same person acting the same way in a church would be noticed (Hernandez, 2008)

Man is a social animal who assumes many roles in life. A person could be a father, son, husband, brother, friend or professional. In other words, the same person will act differently in different places. If he behaves in his workplace, just like he behaves in his family or society, something definitely wrong with that person. He is supposed to or perceived to behave differently at different places like family, organization society, etc. In short, the behavior of a person is perceived to be dependent on the circumstances. In other words, the person should be extremely selective while perceiving different situations.

Selective perception is the personal filtering of what we see and hear so as to suit our own needs. Much of this process is psychological and often unconscious. We simply are bombarded with too many stimuli every day to pay equal attention to everything so we pick and choose according to our own needs (Selective perception, n. d)
Selective perception and cognitive biases have close relationships. In fact, selective perception points towards the number of cognitive biases that may affect our perceptions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Selective Perception and Decision Making Research Paper - 1.
(Selective Perception and Decision Making Research Paper - 1)
Selective Perception and Decision Making Research Paper - 1.
“Selective Perception and Decision Making Research Paper - 1”.
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