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The problem of experience and its influence on human behaviour is probably the most crucial for the entire psychology, because psychology is the discipline that studies human behaviour, so it is important to find out what are the roots of human behaviour in the first place…
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Download file to see previous pages finds a lot of similarities in human behaviour and can explain the reasons for human actions, it means that human behaviour is based on some experience and knowledge that people obtain living together in the same society and multiple studies have proved this theory. Experience is the knowledge that people gain getting involved in different activities and developing their understanding of multiple aspects of the life. Hence, the claim that human behaviour is based on the experience that a person have gained means that the person may change one’s attitudes and therefore one’s behaviour concerning those aspects of life and the situations that one has learned through experience how to deal with in the most appropriate way.
The very first claim concerning the connection between experience and human behaviour was stated by Sigmund Freud, who divided personality into two parts: the conscious and unconscious, which contain all the human experience, collected from the earliest childhood (as cited in McAvoy 2012). The unconscious remembers both traumatic and positive experiences which a person perceives from childhood and throughout the entire life, suppressing memories and traumas which later affect the person’s conduct by sending unconscious impulses to the conscious. Hence, the very first experience (which appears to be the post influential) a person gets from one’s family, as dependence on parents’ attitude to the person forms the entire adult personality, according to Freud (as cited in McAvoy 2012). The theory indeed proves that the fears and inner traumas that often control people’s actions come from that early childhood experience that people gain from their parents.
Post-Freudian studies conducted by Theodor Adorno et al. also proved the Freudian assertion about the link between human experience and behaviour. Adorno et al. (as cited in McAvoy 2012) were exploring the authoritarian personality, which supposedly was characterized by certain personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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