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Individual Identity - Essay Example

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In the present study, the writer will briefly introduce the meaning of identity in the society and discuss the factors of influence on an individual in the contemporary society. The paper concludes, that the social structure and social interactions both shape an individual’s identity…
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Individual Identity
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Download file to see previous pages Do both social structure and social interaction significant in the shaping of an individual’s identity? Social Interaction: Children are born with an empty slate a term called Tabula Rasa. This means that, at birth, a child can identify with whatever condition he or she is placed. The social identity of an individual can be shaped by social interaction because the people around a person motivate behavior of the child (Macionis & Plummer, 2012, 144). The people an individual interacts with play a crucial role in the person’s identity because the person will have a sense of belonging whenever the person is in that setting or with those people. Social interaction is in the form of friends, family, environment workplace, political system and many others (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2009, 167). Different homes have their own ways of doing things, thus have different ideas of what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore, a child from one home may feel uncomfortable in another home, since what the child considers the norm might be frowned upon in the other household and vice versa. An example is that a Christian family and a pagan family have different ideas about the church, thus extremely disparate environments. When the child from the pagan house is brought to stay with the Christina family, the child will not identify with this family. This is because activities like attending church services or praying at the table before eating or sleeping will be a strange task. Therefore, this child will identify with other children from pagan families and the same will happen to the Christian child. This is further enhanced by the environment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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