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The constitution grants people rights and freedom such as freedom of association and freedom of speech but these are limited to the extent that they should not interfere with rights and freedoms of other people (Cohen-Almagor, 2009). The post identifies respect of people’s…
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Reading responds
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Response April 25, Response Response to Starlinda’s post The constitution grants people rights and freedom such as freedom of association and freedom of speech but these are limited to the extent that they should not interfere with rights and freedoms of other people (Cohen-Almagor, 2009). The post identifies respect of people’s choice over gender and sexuality but fails to incorporate this doctrine of fairness. A person’s gender or sexuality may for example undermine another’s freedom or right such as right over religious values. Should the constitution grant such controversial occurrences when its provisions limit it expressly? One would also ask if heterosexuals have been expressing their intimate relationships in public, except in exceptional cases and in exceptional environments such as designated social venues. The main issue should therefore not be on whether every gender or sexuality is right or wrong. The issue should be people’s behavior under the orientations. The same argument would also be applicable against straight people if members of other gender or sexual orientation complained about the straight orientation. Debate and tolerance is therefore still necessary on sexual and gender orientation and I think it is should not be justified under freedom of choice.
Some forms of race micro-aggressions also occur naturally and are too passive to be inappropriate or ignorant. Underrepresentation of a race in a locality is an example of micro-aggression and could be attributed to geographic and economic factors but not ignorance (Yearwood, 2013). The arguments on social perception of gender identities and sources of the information are however consistent with perceptions and institutional values in the contemporary society.
Response to Karisa’s post
The post seems to identify a solution to the social conflict that arises from existence of diversified sexual orientation. A person who is confident of his or her identity is likely to be tolerant to reactions towards the identity. Such tolerance is also likely to moderate further reaction. Possible unstable psychological condition among some members of the LGBTQ population could be stimulating hypersensitivity towards other people’s reactions to, and comments on their orientation and this could be the source of the conflict. Based on the perspective, members of the LGBTQ community should accept their orientation and like straight people are when their personal sexuality are discussed or their relationships criticized, be sober and accommodative. The personal initiative can be more effective that expectations of initiatives from straight people. The position on effects of micro-aggression is also valid because some forms of micro-aggression are direct and can be more severe while other may be passive and general. Being ignored because of a person’s race or sexual orientation is an example of micro-aggression that can yield significance harm than passive forms such as scarcity of members of an orientation in an area (Yearwood, 2013). The role of social institutions on shaping social values into definition of gender identities is consistent with contemporary experiences in which the society instills behavioral expectations in children and judge people based on predominant values. Associated harm with the social set up is however, opinions, criticisms, and even discrimination from other members of the society, than from a person’s conscience, through conscience also plays a role.
Cohen-Almagor, R. (2009). Liberal democracy and the limits of tolerance: Essays in honor and memory of Yitzhak Rabin. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.
Yearwood, E. (2013). Microaggression. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing 26(1), 98-99. Read More
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