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Counselling theory and practice group supervision - Essay Example

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Counseling can be referred to as a special kind of talking, which often allows an individual to express their particular feelings and problems in an environment though to be confidential and dependable. A counselor is that person specially trained in order to listen to such…
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Counselling theory and practice group supervision
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Download file to see previous pages ey development of counseling experts often requires that one attends a counseling course, and later undertake a work placement in which he learns to practice his or her skills under a supervisor, who gives guidance on the way to undertake the placement. This paper examines a person-centered approach to counseling supervision, which I went through in the course of my professional development; it focuses on the benefits that the process had towards development of my career.
The counseling process simply means working under certain forms of supervision. In this case, the counselor employs the services of a different counselor in the process of reviewing their work other clients, their personal developments as well as issues of professional development. Supervision can be described as a noble professional service, instead of simple a management function. In this context, the supervisor performs the role of consultancy and not just as the boss. McLeod (2003), explains that supervision is an important practice that is common in psychotherapy, counseling as well as in many other fields of mental health and professions that entail a lot of working and dealing with people in different capacities (64).
The supervision process can often be applied to practitioners in various somatic fields for their respective preparatory work with patients and collateral for such patients. In this understanding, it is evident that supervision can be taken to be a replacement as opposed to a formal retrospective process of inspection, evidence delivery of skills for other supervised practitioners (Lago 2006, p. 18).
The main purpose of the supervision process is to assist the practitioner in learning from his particular experiences and gaining the much needed expertise in the field. In doing so, it also ensures good service to the respective clients or patients being attended to by the practitioner. The learning process is often applied towards effective work planning as well as effective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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