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The Role of Media in Children`s Life - Research Paper Example

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Screen media has a particular and significant place in our day-to-day life. Everywhere we go, at home, at friends, in the shopping malls or in colleges a lot of different screens are used for different purposes. The writer of this paper analyzes the role of media in children`s life…
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The Role of Media in Children`s Life
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Extract of sample "The Role of Media in Children`s Life"

Download file to see previous pages After the analysis of the articles studying different factors and effects of media, it is possible to claim children are influenced by the screen media more than by other types of media and their emotional and cognitive development depend greatly on the quantity and quality of the content they consume.
Chan and McNeal analyzed the popularity of television in China, one of the biggest countries in the world where the number of children below 14 is more than 200 million. It was interesting for the authors to examine how the habits of rural children differ from urban children in terms of media consumption in China. For all children, television was the central media represented in the research which provided entertainment and marketing information. In this particular study, the researchers revealed that the social behavior of urban children who have access to more types of media, which includes printed media and the Internet, is more varied and intensive. Children living in rural areas, on the contrary, spend more time in front of the screen and are less involved in social interaction. Another important aspect of media in two different areas is its influence on consumption. Children in rural area have fewer possibilities to consume advertisement because they have less access to the media in general and that is why their demands are seriously lower. Another aspect is the difference between girls and boys in media consumption with boys being more exposed to video games and television and girls giving their preference to the Internet and television (McNeal & Chan 78).
Furstenberg in his study tries to examine a very specific and narrow aspect of children`s and adult`s consumption of media. His study is focused on the effect of divorce on children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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