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Should children at elementary school level allowed to use internet and social media - Research Paper Example

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Children have subsequently been exposed, entertained, educative as well as positively socialized in a global perspective. Several researcher conducted on the…
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Should children at elementary school level allowed to use internet and social media
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Extract of sample "Should children at elementary school level allowed to use internet and social media"

Download file to see previous pages With the increased internet usage particularly, the increased invention and discoveries of more educative and academic websites that are rated children-friendly ensures increased knowledge necessary for expansive knowledge endowments amongst the young children. There has been increased exposure and susceptibility to internet amongst our children. Internet presents avenues for visual learning as young children are attracted to diagrams, images well as photos that are academically designed to empower and enhance learning amongst the young children. This has presented the children with an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge as they learn and develop ability to navigate and do research work at early stages (Resources in Education 76). The result of this is reflected in the academic ability of the children as they grow based on the increased capability to understand search engines needed for particular data retrievals. Such children further develop interest and become good researchers in future as they undergo the education ladder. They become brighter as they explore the massive relevant information from the pearly reviewed articles as well as books.
Children use the internet for school works, and Google for information needed. It is also positive amongst the children as internet has enabled them to use Google Translations to understand English Tweets. Children have also benefited from diverse knowledge and skills available on the internet sources besides being positively enlightened through games played which has led to generation and incubation of relevant ideas (Dixon, Brian, and Julie 122). Children have found it easy to navigate the personal computers and to obtain necessary project information necessary for their class works.
Educating digitalized student has thus been made easier as teachers, and their Paraprofessionals can easily follow childrens performance online and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should Children at Elementary School Level Allowed to Use Internet and Research Paper.
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