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Flow state and creativity - Essay Example

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Creativity is the occurrence of actions of significant rational process due to the interaction of a peculiar organism with its tangible and circumstantial environment. The ultimate source of drive for creativity is self-actualization and is due to an individual needs. Certain…
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Flow state and creativity
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Download file to see previous pages Creativity at an individual level is a function of the individual’s ability to solve problems in their daily activities. At the society level, creativity is attributed to making of life or changing discoveries of important and significant scientific approaches in various aspects of life such as health, and social programs. Creativity especially in students can be enhanced by activities that tend to sharpen the students’ cognitive abilities. Depending on the type induction factor and the stage of development, different gender tends to exhibit varied creativity. The creativity is measured as a function of various parameters, including flexibility and uniqueness of an individual.
Several factors induce creativity in individuals. These induction factors improve the cognitive capability of the mind thereby increasing the creativity of an individual. Some creativity induction factors include;
Creativity results from the prevailing constraint an individual is facing. The constraints improve the problem solving ability. Constraint induction method offers improves the creativity especially of artist. This method in is perfected in situation requiring faster problem solving techniques. The constraint method of creativity induction is contrary to the creative freedom which requires freedom to facilitate creativity. The constraint is an induction factor for creativity in highly competitive fields such as music. The artist, for instance, works under constraint and develop creative tactics and skills on how to adapt to the new the prevailing conditions (Otero and Falola, 2013)
In anomaly, creativity is developed when a failure is encountered in the solution. The failure may results from the inability of a given system or principle to operate as expected. Under such cases, there can be an induction of creativity by search for another way of operating the system. The new solution developed in most time leads to the right direction. Through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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