Do increasing opportunities for women in the military weaken our armed forces - Essay Example

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Technical subjects are still offered at the universities and colleges and are open to both men and women. Women can join military and fail…
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Do increasing opportunities for women in the military weaken our armed forces
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Extract of sample "Do increasing opportunities for women in the military weaken our armed forces"

Women in the Military Women in the Military Question One Recruitment of women in the military will not ensure that women are trained in technical subjects like engineering, logistics and medicine. Technical subjects are still offered at the universities and colleges and are open to both men and women. Women can join military and fail to take the technical courses. Joining military will not chance women’s interest meaning that if a women was not interested in taking technical course she will not take it in military (Sherrow, 2007).. It is not a must to attend military in order to acquire skills because universities and colleges also offer those programs. Currently, there are women who have studies engineering, medicine and logistic and not from military (Kress, 2002).
Question Two
The increase of the number of women in military will not help in reducing sexual assault in workplace. Currently, there are few cases reported on sexual assaulted while there are few military women. An increase in the number of women will automatically lead to an increase in the number of women assaulted. Military men assault women in workplace and an increase in the number women means that there will be availability of target (Demott and Miller, 2009).
Question Three
Soft leadership possessed by women can not strengthen the military. Military needs authoritative leadership because it is a discipline force. Soft command means that most of the military personnel will not be able to obey the commands (Baker and Bonn, 2000). At war also commander should be authoritative in order give out commands to attack the enemy and with soft leaders; military operation will not be successful (Pavkonic and Morillo, 2006).
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