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United States Armed Forces - Essay Example

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United States Armed Forces
It is no doubt that there exist a considerable number of people throughout the world with asymmetrical access to life chances. This is because of the immense disparities in both proceeds and living standards…
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United States Armed Forces
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, income not only determines the power but also the class of the individual, his financial and opinionated position in society. These classes permeate an individual’s social behaviour where the upper class has a superior way of doing things as compared to the inferior ways of other classes. The status of an employee within an organisation can only be achieved through personal effort in a system of open class (Weir, 2007). This is in comparison to the social class to which any given employee belongs.
The armed forces of the US are composed of several branches such as the army, navy, air force and others. It has a tradition of national control of the military with the president being the overall head. It consists of men and women who have decided to bring a difference and at the same time dedicated to serving and defending what they believe in (Majpeter et al, 1986). Therefore, this paper seeks to identify and define classes within this organisation in relation to geographic mobility by focusing on the regional variations and changing family definitions. Classes The correlation between income and education, in many ways, determine the job security and contentment, size of family and cultural values. This creates a scenario that associate poverty with reduced life expectancy and best education with wealth (Weir, 2007). Even though there could be many characteristics that could be employed to describe a person’s class, the mostly used are one’s occupation, education, and wealth. In the US, some of these factors define a person’s class. According to Tucker (2011) class is the categorization of people depending on the riches, earnings, and education. It s though the definition that the particular classes are constructed. There exist the upper, middle, and lower classes that are frames of reference in most of the communities. It is factual that birds of a feather flock together, however, in today’s multicultural society things have changed. Today, more than ever, people’s classes tend to differentiate internally. In the US military, class is associated with an individual’s rank. The bottom of the class is composed of individuals with no ranks. These groups of people are mainly young and single. In addition, they are usually less of college education because most of them are those just from high school (Roth-Douquet and Schaefer, 2007). As the class level goes up, it stops at non commissioned officers. This is the largest class in the US military. Their role is to manage a small group of employees, and the group forms the lower middle as well as the middle class according to the ranking scale of classes. This position is able by progression through the junior ranks. This promotion is, however, very competitive and it is attained after having served in the military for at least between three to six years. From this class, there is the warrant officer. These officers are highly skilled, and are specialists in certain areas. They do order detachments, but can also coach and train. However, their main job is to serve as technical experts by providing valuable skills and leadership to commanders and organisations in their field of expertise (Weir, 2007). This group forms the upper middle class. At the top of the class is the commissioned officer who forms the much-coveted upper class. These officers are responsible for larger groups of employees, and are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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